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When A Saint Who Lost Her Virginitiy Touches Love

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In a world where saints have the power to protect their country, Lelia’s powers as a saint awakened when she was twelve and moved to the royal palace from her poor viscount family home.
She spent happy days praying daily with the sole purpose of saving people and got engaged to the second prince, Evan.
One day, Angèle, another woman whose powers as a saint awakened, came to the palace. They promised to help each other since having two saints in the same generation was rare.
However, one night, Lelia was kidnapped and assaulted after her prayers. That night, she lost more than her virginity: remaining pure for life was an unbreakable condition for being a saint.
When Evan broke off their engagement, Lelia realized that the assault had been a plot by him and Angèle.
Lelia became a servant for the two, now engaged, and endured constant abuse at their hands until one day, a black-haired man appeared by her side…


When a Saintess Who Lost Her Virginity Touches Love, When the Broken Saintess Touches Love, 失去貞潔的聖女遇上愛, 純潔を失った聖女が愛に触れたら


Fantasy,  Josei,  Romance,  Tragedy

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