Top 2 Best Josei manga of all time? Where to read manga online for free?

What is manga?

Manga is a distinctive genre of comic books originating from Japan, with a long and influential history that extends globally. It encompasses various genres suitable for diverse age groups and genders. Manga includes both narrative comics and satirical illustrations, originating from Japan. Typically rendered in black and white, there are also colored manga. Readers can explore manga in magazines or published books.

What is Josei manga?

Josei manga is a genre of Japanese comic books or graphic novels that is primarily targeted towards adult women. The term "josei" translates to "woman" or "female" in Japanese. Unlike shoujo manga, which is aimed at younger teenage girls, josei manga explores more mature themes and realistic portrayals of adult life.

Top 2 Best Josei manga of all time?

1. Vengeful Weapon, Tears of Poison


Amelia, the daughter of Yua Levanna’s second queen, is despised by the royal family due to her inherited “poison magic,” a unique ability from her mother. After enduring torment and witnessing her mother’s tragic demise, as the kingdom exploited her poison for military gain, Amelia clings to her mother’s dying words: “No matter what happens, don’t give up.”

One fateful day, the enigmatic northern empire of Saulverka announces that its Emperor seeks a new wife. Meanwhile, Amelia’s half-brother Craig seizes the throne of Yua Levanna by assassinating the previous king and sends Amelia to the notorious and cold-hearted Emperor Noam in Saulverka. Her reception by Noam is chilling and unwelcoming.

While lamenting her existence, Amelia uncovers the truth behind her mother’s death. Fueled by an intense desire for revenge, she embraces her seething anger and vows to avenge her mother against the royal family.


Fantasy, Josei, Romance

2. Love You, with Death


“We were happy until that fateful day.” Born into a clan of apothecaries, Olive is a young girl who dreams of continuing her family’s legacy. But then, one day, her hometown gets attacked. She loses her entire family, except for her older sister. They get adopted by the lord of the domain, Earl Elvert, only to be treated like livestock. Olive does everything to protect her physically disabled sister, who’s eventually taken hostage in order to coerce Olive to abuse her power. “It’s because only your family can make a ‘perfect poison’ causing instant death.” That is, an ability to refine a special kind of poison from her blood. Olive is forced to assume a false identity, marry and later poison the infamous “Murderous Duke.” However, contrary to the rumors, Duke Victor seems to be an honest and kindhearted man… “I don’t want to kill him. But as things stand, my sister…” The more love she feels from Victor, the more her anguish grows.


Fantasy, Josei, Mature, Psychological, Romance

Where to read the best Josei manga?

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