Top 2 Best Adult manga of all time? Where to read manga online for free?

What is manga?

Manga is a distinctive genre of comic books originating from Japan, with a long and influential history that extends globally. It encompasses various genres suitable for diverse age groups and genders. Manga includes both narrative comics and satirical illustrations, originating from Japan. Typically rendered in black and white, there are also colored manga. Readers can explore manga in magazines or published books.

What is Adult manga?

Adult manga, also known as hentai manga, is a genre of Japanese comic books or graphic novels that contain explicit sexual content and are intended for adult readers. This genre explores a wide range of sexual themes and fetishes, often depicting explicit scenes and graphic imagery.

Top 2 Best Adult manga of all time?

1. The Patriotic Hero Strongly Desires The Raven Witch


An ostracized woman has a fateful encounter of love!
Sophia, the 13th imperial princess, was born with black hair!
It is an ill-boding sign, and she is locked away… treated like a wicked witch.

It was Nicholas, the hero who saved the country, who came along and took her as his wife.

Sophia is attracted to him, but harbors feelings of guilt in her heart…
Knowing that he was made to take such a despised woman under the guise of a “reward.”
Knowing that is was a marriage for political gains through and through.

However, what is life like with Nicholas, who does actually love and cherish her?


Adult, Fantasy, Josei, Romance, Smut

2. Toshishita Medalist wa Ichizu na Kemono – Shinchousa 40-senchi, Watashitachi no Ai no Hagukumikata


“It’s you that I want. Size has nothing to do with it.” He whispers sweet words as his muscular body envelopes her, relentlessly attacking her small breasts that she’s always been self-conscious about.
Akari Hananoi is the manager of her company’s judo team. One night after a drinking party with the team, she is taking care of one of the athletes, Iwashiro, who got too drunk. In his drunken slumber, he grabs her tight and won’t let go, which leads to them spending the night together in each other’s arms.
With a massive 40cm height difference, they’re two pieces that can’t fit together, right? He’ll show her mind and body how to slowly melt and loosen up in this exciting love story.


Adult, Josei, Romance, Slice of Life, Smut

Where to read the best Adult manga?

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