Home MANGA NEWS What will happen in One Piece in 2024?

What will happen in One Piece in 2024?

What will happen in One Piece in 2024?

The year 2024 holds great excitement for One Piece fans with the conclusion of the Egghead arc. The Straw Hat crew is gearing up for new adventures, and everyone is eager to see how this journey brings them closer to their dreams.

Here are some notable events in One Piece that may unfold in 2024:

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1. Epic Encounter:

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Luffy and Shanks at Elbaf The Straw Hat crew’s adventure to Elbaf in 2024 is highly anticipated. The land of giants is the stage for Usopp’s dream, where he may undergo significant development. Shanks’ presence in this mysterious land adds an intriguing element to the story. If Luffy and Shanks reunite, it will be a moment filled with emotions and potential conflict, as both share the common goal of finding One Piece.

2. Saturn’s Demise?

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There are rumors that Luffy may defeat St. Jaygarcia Saturn, the formidable antagonist of the Egghead arc. Saturn, one of the Celestial Dragons, played a role in shaping the tragic fate of Kuma and Bonney. With Kuma’s arrival on Egghead, a grand battle leading to Saturn’s demise may be imminent, challenging those at the helm of the World Government.

3. Resurrection of Legendary Characters

Gecko Moria’s return may be impressive, and Eustass Kid’s fate after the humiliating encounter with Shanks will be revealed. Trafalgar Law, following his devastating clash with Blackbeard, faces an uncertain future. The coming year could provide answers about Law’s fate, and Doflamingo may make a striking comeback, potentially aligning with Cross Guild or challenging Blackbeard’s reign.

4. Doflamingo and Cross Guild

Who is Gecko Moria in One Piece?

Doflamingo’s role as a member of Cross Guild would be a fantastic development, bringing a renowned character back into the spotlight. With knowledge of the underworld and the power of its leaders, Cross Guild poses an even greater threat to the World Government.

5. Rocks D. Xebec’s Mystery

One Piece: Who Was Rocks D. Xebec & What is His Role in the Story?

Unveiled Rocks D. Xebec, the fearsome captain of the Rocks Pirates, is shrouded in mystery. In 2024, Oda may reveal the complete story of this enigmatic pirate, exploring his origin, power, and the legacy he left in the world of One Piece. It’s time to discover who the most powerful pirate captain in One Piece history was and how Rocks’ legacy influenced the great age of piracy, especially characters like Blackbeard.

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