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Monsters: side story from One Piece is scheduled to air in 2024

The anime adaptation of the Monsters side story from One Piece is scheduled to air in 2024?

Monsters is considered a prequel to One Piece, set many years before the events of the original series, and the anime adaptation is set to be released in 2024.


What will happen in One Piece in 2024?

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The release date of Monsters: side story from One Piece?

The release date information was shared on Twitter by the Animation Digital Network (ADN) online streaming service. Sunghoo Park, who has previous experience at MAPPA, will direct the film, with E&H Production serving as the production studio. The official announcement reads as follows:

“The anime Monsters is expected to debut in 2024 on ADN. A spectacular adaptation is currently in production. The work is based on Eiichiro Oda’s one-shot novel. There is no doubt that One Piece fans will be extremely excited about the thrilling adventures of the legendary samurai Ryuma.”

One Piece seguirá expandiendo su universo en 2024 con el director de  Jujutsu Kaisen: Monsters ofrece más detalles sobre su estreno

Monsters was officially announced during One Piece Day 2023, accompanied by the first images. It will be an anime adaptation of a short story of the same name included in Eiichiro Oda’s 1998 collection, “Wanted.” The story revolves around the samurai Ryuma, a character frequently mentioned in One Piece and closely linked to Zoro. Ryuma appeared in the Thriller Bark arc and recently fought Zoro in Wano. The voice cast for the upcoming project includes Yoshimasa Hosoya (Ryuma), Sakamoto Maaya (Flare), Otsuka Hochu (Cyrano), Yoshitsugu Matsuoka (D.R.), and Terashima Takuma (Bartender). The story begins with the legend of a dragon horn stolen ten years ago, the only thing believed to possess miraculous power. However, no one remembers this incident. In the next scene, someone is kicked out of a restaurant for being unable to pay for their meal. Meanwhile, at another restaurant, the waitress Flare recognizes the renowned swordsman Cyrano, whom she had encountered before. Their conversation is interrupted by a seemingly hungry man staring through the window at Cyrano’s meal with a rumbling stomach. After Flare gives him something to eat, the swordsman Ryuma declares that this is his first meal in years and expresses gratitude to the young waitress. He proclaims that a samurai owes a great debt to someone who saved his life, but Flare dismisses it and turns to talk to Cyrano.

As they leave the restaurant, Cyrano’s sword accidentally touches Ryuma’s sword, something the samurai considers a grave insult. He challenges Cyrano to a life-and-death duel. As the two swordsmen clash, Ryuma effortlessly slices a Buddha statue in half with his copper sword. Just before the fight concludes, Flare instructs Ryuma to stop. Much to the audience’s surprise, he immediately complies, and…

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