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Ultra-Fem Shishihara-kun: A Hilarious Manga Series

Your ultimate destination for the best manga recommendations! In this article, we are excited to introduce you to “Ultra-Fem Shishihara-kun,” a hilarious manga series that will keep you entertained and craving for more. Follow the extraordinary high school life of Yurika and her attention-grabbing best friend, Shouta Shishihara, as they navigate through the challenges of daily life in a not-so-ordinary way.

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Overview of “Ultra-Fem Shishihara-kun”

“Ultra-Fem Shishihara-kun” is a comedy manga series written and illustrated by AIMAI Mii. It falls under the genres of comedy, school life, shounen, and slice of life. The series was released in 2019 and is currently ongoing.


The story revolves around Yurika, a high school student, and her best friend, Shouta Shishihara. What makes Shouta unique is his ability to grab attention with his ultra-feminine appearance and behavior. Together, they navigate the ups and downs of high school life, facing everyday challenges in their own unconventional way. Get ready for a hilarious and heartwarming journey as Yurika and Shouta tackle school projects, friendships, and everything in between.

Why You Should Read “Ultra-Fem Shishihara-kun”

“Ultra-Fem Shishihara-kun” offers a refreshing take on the slice-of-life genre with its comedic and light-hearted storytelling. The manga’s unique premise, revolving around Shouta’s ultra-feminine persona, brings a fresh and entertaining twist to the high school setting. AIMAI Mii’s expressive artwork complements the humor, making the series visually appealing and engaging.

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If you’re looking for a manga series that will keep you entertained with its humor and endearing characters, “Ultra-Fem Shishihara-kun” is a must-read. Head over to our website to dive into this hilarious series and join Yurika and Shouta on their unforgettable high school adventures.

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