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Seize the Flowers of Love: A Hilarious and Heartwarming Manga


Title: Seize the Flowers of Love
Alternate Title: Hana wa Mijikashi, Koiseyo Otome
Author: Hoshina Hitsuji
Artist: Hoshina Hitsuji
Genre: Comedy, School Life, Shoujo
Status: Ongoing
Release Year: 2016

Storyline and Setting

“Seize the Flowers of Love” revolves around the life of Ichika, a girl who has grown tired of boys who only like her for her looks. She longs for something genuine and real in her relationships. However, her past encounters with boys have left her skeptical about love. That is until she meets Arata, a refreshingly honest and straightforward individual.

From their very first meeting, Arata surprises Ichika by telling her that she’s “not that cute” and even comments on her “weird-ass shoes.” Despite these unconventional first impressions, their relationship starts to blossom, leading to a series of hilarious and heartwarming events.

The story is primarily set in a high school environment, where Ichika and Arata navigate the complexities of teenage romance, school life, and the ups and downs of their developing relationship. As Ichika learns to trust and love again, readers are taken on a journey filled with laughter, relatable moments, and heartwarming experiences.

Analysis and Recommendation

“Seize the Flowers of Love” is a delightful manga that combines comedy, school life, and shoujo elements to create a captivating story. The characters are well-developed, and their interactions are both humorous and endearing. Ichika’s desire for genuine love and Arata’s refreshingly honest personality make them a lovable and relatable couple.

Hoshina Hitsuji’s artwork beautifully captures the emotions and expressions of the characters, adding depth and charm to the storytelling. The comedic moments are expertly executed, providing plenty of laughter throughout the series.

If you enjoy light-hearted romantic comedies with a touch of realism, “Seize the Flowers of Love” is a manga you shouldn’t miss. It’s a heartwarming journey that will keep you entertained and invested in the characters’ lives.


“Seize the Flowers of Love” is a must-read manga for fans of comedy, school life, and shoujo genres. With its relatable characters, hilarious moments, and heartwarming storyline, it offers a delightful reading experience. Don’t miss the chance to immerse yourself in Ichika and Arata’s world by reading the full manga at this link. Enjoy the laughter, romance, and genuine moments that this manga has to offer.

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