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Top 10 Strongest Characters in One-Punch Man

Who are the Top 10 Strongest Characters in One-Punch Man?

1. Saitama:

Series One-Punch Man: Saitama Là Ai?

Saitama is the strongest character in the One Punch Man series, and the only one known to have surpassed his limits. Breaking his own limits gives Saitama infinite potential to increase his power. So far, he has not encountered any antagonist, hero, alien, or monster capable of fighting him on equal footing.

2. Lord Boros:

One Punch Man - Boros 1/6 Scale Statue - Spec Fiction Shop

Standing at second place on this list is none other than Lord Boros, the alien invader. Boros is a powerful extraterrestrial being who has conquered numerous planets and galaxies to the point where he became bored. Seemingly unstoppable, Boros gathers an army and invades Earth, giving even S-Class heroes a hard time. He showcases his power by sending Saitama to another planet with a single kick.

3. Blast:

One Punch Man: Blast "vượt mặt" Tatsumaki để trở thành anh hùng số 1 nhờ 4  lý do này!

As the highest-ranked hero in the Hero Association, it can be assumed that Blast is an incredibly powerful S-Class hero. Fubuki mentions that Blast is the “top hero of all heroes” while talking to Saitama in his room, putting Blast on par with King in terms of strength. She also hints that he could defeat all S-Class heroes on his own. Sitch also mentions that Blast will only appear when humanity is in grave danger.

4. Tatsumaki:

One-Punch Man Shows Off Tatsumaki's Fierce Battle Against NSFW Monster

Known as the “Tornado of Terror,” Tatsumaki is the most powerful female character in the series. Tatsumaki earned her nickname due to her immense psychic power gained from becoming an Esper. Unlike typical psychic thefts where normal psychics lift a spoon or a small object, Tatsumaki lifts entire cities at once to demolish her enemies. The destructive trail she often leaves behind has earned her the title of Tornado of Terror.

The powerful psychic abilities of Tatsumaki make her a formidable candidate as one of the strongest creatures in the series. She can accurately shoot down enemy ship cannons and make them fire back at the crew. By continuing to utilize her psychic abilities to enhance her physical prowess, Tatsumaki is a strong contender as one of the most powerful beings in the story.

5. Orochi

One punch man " Garou vs Orochi"- Fan animation by Likili Animation -  YouTube

Orochi is a monster king and the leader of the Monster Association. Originally a human martial artist, Orochi was transformed into a monster by the psychic creature Gyoro Gyoro. With numerous dragon-like heads serving as his muscles, Orochi can reshape his body into a large dragon mass or condense it into a humanoid form. Orochi is also capable of producing powerful flames for both offensive and defensive purposes.

This antagonist is also highly intelligent and has the ability to immediately anticipate and counter his opponents’ moves, as he demonstrated with Garou’s fighting style. He is one of the few villains smart enough to deduce Saitama’s true strength.

6. Garou:

Garou hóa Chaos - nỗi kinh hoàng của vũ trụ trong chap 211+ có phải là  trạng thái quái vật cuối cùng của Garou? | ONE Esports Vietnam

Garou is a former top student of the S-Class hero Silver Fang, who expelled him after he brutally injured his disciples. Garou has a habit of hunting down heroes, including members of the S-Class, earning him the nickname “Hero Hunter.”

In addition to his martial arts skills, Garou possesses a healing factor and undergoes rapid growth. By fighting powerful opponents, Garou’s body adapts and evolves to the point where he becomes a hybrid monster-human creature. With his maximum potential, Garou’s overall power has been compared to individuals like Boros. Although ONE claims that in close-quarters combat, Garou is a top-tier fighter.

7. Genos:

One Punch Man: Genos thật sự đã bị kết liễu hoàn toàn chưa?

Also known as “Demon Cyborg,” is a fan-favorite character. He is a cyborg who works alongside his mentor, a scientist, to seek out the one who attacked his town and killed his family. One day, he encounters Saitama, who effortlessly defeats all their enemies with just one punch. Genos takes Saitama as his master, hoping to somehow acquire that power for himself to seek revenge for his family. But that doesn’t mean Genos is weak. Although his rank in the S-Class hero list is relatively low, it can be attributed to his lack of experience rather than any weaknesses on his part.

With enhancements from his upgrades, Genos possesses incredible speed and devastating attack power. Above all, Genos has various attacks that can cause severe destruction to his enemies. Among all the heroes who attacked the Sea King, Genos dealt the most damage before Saitama’s final punch. No monster desires to face Genos with a thousand and one ways to kill anyone.

8. Bang:

One-Punch Man Flashback Explores Bang's Surprising Past

Also known as “Silver Fang,” is the oldest bull in the series. Bang is an elderly man who has existed for so long that he has become frail and weak, but no one wants to mess with this man. Partly due to his rank as number 4 in the S-Class hero list.

Bang utilizes the style of the “Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist.” It is a relatively powerful fighting style that seems to derive from martial arts forms like Tai Chi, where strength is not used, but rather the opponent’s strength is countered. Despite this high-level technique, Bang possesses one of the strongest bodies in the entire series. With a technique that demands zero strength, it is no surprise that Bang ranks highly. Don’t let Bang turn you into his disciple!

9. Atomic Samurai:

One Punch Man chapter 189: King's strength test spurs Atomic Samurai to get  stronger

Atomic Samurai is an exceptional leader who takes pride in his own heart. When Saitama first tried to shake his hand, he refused, stating that he would only acknowledge Saitama when he rose in the ranks. Atomic Samurai has his own disciples who specialize in his unique techniques. One of his disciples, Iaian, was severely injured during an alien invasion, and Atomic Samurai showed great concern and care for him.

Although not the highest in the ranking, Atomic Samurai is not to be underestimated. He uses a katana to effortlessly defeat most of his opponents, boasting not only superior technique but also better stats such as strength and reflexes. His signature technique, Atomic Slash, cuts enemies into countless pieces in an instant, leaving nothing but dust. When you encounter Atomic Samurai, even in the blink of an eye, everything will end before you know it.

10. Sea King:

One Punch Man" The Deep Sea King (TV Episode 2015) - IMDb

From the Earth King to the Sky King to the Sea King. One could argue that the Sea King appears to be the strongest. When fighting against the prisoner Puripuri, the Sea King faced some difficulties. But it was revealed that the Sea King wasn’t using his full power because the sky wasn’t raining. When the rain started pouring down, he grew larger and stronger, making it even more challenging for the heroes fighting him.

Even when Genos shot a massive blast of fire at him and blew him out of his hideout, he remained unfazed. Heroes who faced him were immediately brushed aside and crushed under his feet. Only Saitama’s timely intervention saved them from the Sea King.

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