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Spoiler One punch manga chapter 243

Spoiler One punch manga chapter 243

One Punch Man chapter 243 Spoiler: Blast’s Past and the Ninja Village – Flash vs. Sonic!

Summary of One Punch Man chapter  242:

Spoiler One Punch Man chap 242 bí mật về GOD

Chapter 242 introduces new developments regarding Flash and Sonic. While recovering from his injuries, Sonic is surrounded by members of Tenninto – the Blade Clan. This organization consists of the most powerful ninjas specializing in assassination missions. They inform Sonic that their strongest elder will soon return after 15 years of hibernation since his encounter with Blast.

The Blade Clan plans to capture Flash and publicly execute Blast. They want Sonic’s assistance in luring Flash to them.

In subsequent events, the Saitama group discovers that the Hero Association is trying to turn monsters back into humans.

Predicted spoilers for One Punch Man chapter  243:

Chapter 242 primarily serves to provide additional information to build up for the upcoming events. We learn that Manako is a part of Gyoro Gyoro and that “psychic power” can facilitate a more effective transformation back into a human.

The return of monsters to their human forms might be a development to explain the truth about the Monster King Orochi in the future. What about Manako’s role? The character’s role is not yet clear. Many predictions suggest that she will become a support for Saitama and potentially provide further information about God in the future.

The most debated issue in chapter 242 is the connection between Blast, GOD, and the ninja village. The “individual” mentioned by the Blade Clan who confronted Blast – resulting in a 15-year slumber – may have been due to Blast’s intention to obtain a cubic object in the ninja village. Perhaps Blast will provide a clearer explanation of these details in the next chapter.

Those who come into contact with the cubic object may be connected to GOD, implying that the “individual” also possesses tremendous power. “He” will appear tomorrow. Sonic may dislike Flash, but it doesn’t seem like he intends to harm Flash. It’s possible that Sonic won’t lead Flash anywhere, but somehow, the Saitama group will still be drawn into the conflict. Blast might even join the battle.

Spoiler One Punch Man chapter 243:

Spoiler One Punch Man 243: Quá khứ của Blast và làng ninja - Flash VS Sonic!

As predicted by Flash, Blast is aware of the cubic object and the events that took place in the ninja village. Blast is actually the one who destroyed the village, but he has his reasons for doing so.

Flash reveals that while Saitama was searching for Manako, he returned to his village. The village has a unique cubic architecture that appears very modern from the inside. Flash is surprised to find that this architecture has been heavily damaged.

Flash mentions that he once saw a person inside a bio-capsule. That person was the founder of the village, and according to Flash’s speculation, he received power from GOD. Blast reveals that this person was his old colleague. They had searched for the cubic objects together, and his name is Empty Void.

After transforming into a monster, Void changed. Blast says that Void is the only one who can open a portal to connect to GOD, so he is doing everything possible to turn Void back into a human.

While they are discussing, Sonic sends a challenge letter to Flash, informing him that Void has awakened. According to the script, Flash must go alone to where Sonic is for their battle. The meeting place is a location they had “promised” each other when they were young.

One Punch Man 243 spoilers will be updated soon.

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