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Spoiler Spy x Family Season 2

Anya Forger Takes Charge in the Latest Episode of Spy x Family Season 2

Anya Forger, the central character in the Spy x Family anime, shines in the latest episode of Season 2. The young and charming girl is adored for her humorous personality and adorable appearance, coupled with her extraordinary telepathic abilities that help her navigate both dangerous and comical situations. In Episode 9, the most recent installment of Spy x Family Season 2, we witness Anya taking the lead, rescuing everyone on the Lorelei Princess ship.

Why did the entire family board the Lorelei Princess ship?

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It all started when Anya, accompanying her father during a visit to the shopping center in Episode 5, overheard a prize draw announcement. The grand prize was a luxurious cruise that everyone coveted. Utilizing her telepathic ability, Anya heard the employee’s inner thoughts and learned that he rigged the draw for the grand prize. With just one ticket, she managed to win the grand prize. Meanwhile, Yor received a new assignment to protect Olka Gretcher and her son. The Gretchers, formerly part of the most influential underground family, faced internal strife that led to the assassination of the father and husband. Yor’s task was to ensure the safety of the mother and son until they could safely seek refuge in a third country. Thus, the entire family unintentionally embarked on a journey together.

Anya Leading the Team, Aiding Parents in Mission Accomplishment

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The information about the Gretcher family leaked, attracting numerous assassins, both domestic and foreign, to the ship. They aimed to assassinate the Gretchers, claiming the substantial bounty offered by the new leader of the underground organization. During the fight with the assassins, Yor lost her weapon, leaving her in a precarious situation.

While guiding Anya back to their cabin, Loid discovered that the ship had been rigged with a bomb based on the appearance of a crew member. He disguised himself and carried out the mission to defuse the bomb to save everyone. Unfortunately, the villains had planted not just one bomb. Anya found the weapon Yor dropped, and using her throwing skills, attempted to toss it onto the ship’s deck. Although it didn’t land where intended, two assassins inadvertently stepped on the weapon, causing it to misfire. Anya successfully eliminated the two assassins as part of her improvised plan.

The mischievous girl continued to use her telepathic abilities and detected a bomb on a watch. Using the excuse of a “rusty nose on the watch,” she persuaded a staff member to inspect it. Thanks to her quick thinking, the ship was saved from the imminent explosion.

Spy x Family Season 2 proves to be Anya’s spotlight, showcasing her skillful assistance to both her parents in a challenging and dangerous battle. The family’s successful journey owes much to Anya’s capabilities. Stay tuned for upcoming episodes and the Spy x Family code: White movie set to release on December 22, 2023, to witness the continued adventures of Anya and the Forger family!

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