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Loid Forger of Spy x Family: Strengths and Weaknesses 

Loid Forger, also known as Twilight in Spy x Family, has become a beloved character among fans. Spy x Family has gained popularity for the unique premise of the Forger family, consisting of Loid, a spy and father; Yor, an assassin and mother; and Anya, a telepathic daughter. Despite the family being a facade, each member strives to fulfill their roles. Fans particularly adore Loid Forger, also known as Twilight, for his exceptional qualities as a husband and father.


Exceptional Intelligence:

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As a high-level spy, Loid Forger possesses superior intelligence. His ability to quickly analyze situations and take appropriate actions contributes to his success in missions and enhances his reputation. Loid’s accurate thinking allows him to create a fake family and deceive everyone into believing it is real. He also accomplishes most tasks by infiltrating enemy organizations, showcasing his adaptability and high intelligence.

Aspiring for World Peace:

Loid goes to great lengths, even creating a fake family, because he has a secret mission that will further propel him towards achieving world peace. He envisions a world without war, where children do not have to suffer.

A Good Father:

Despite adopting Anya for his secret mission, Loid Forger makes an effort to treat her well and avoid causing her harm in any way. He understands that she is just a child in need of love and care. Loid encourages Anya when she is sad and tries to provide her with what any father would. His loving and humane nature has endeared him to fans.

A Perfect Husband:

While Loid and Yor got married for their own reasons, both strive to fulfill their husband and wife roles. Loid goes with Yor to a party to prove to colleagues that she has a boyfriend. He even meets her brother, Yuri Briar, to convince him that he is a good husband. Loid cooks for the family, knowing that Yor is not a great cook, instead of making her feel embarrassed. His humble and respectful nature is admirable.

Dedication to Work:

Whether as a spy or a family man, Loid Forger excels in both roles. He puts in maximum effort to stay ahead in every situation. When Loid realizes he is not spending enough time with his ‘family,’ he plans a weekend trip with them. On the same day as the family outing, there is a crucial mission that could save lives. Luckily, it is at the aquarium where they are headed. Loid carefully executes his job as a spy successfully without being detected, except by Anya. His dedication to his work is one of his most attractive qualities.


Overly Focused on Work:

Loid tends to be overly focused on his work, often neglecting his own well-being. As a top-tier spy, he lacks some essential skills needed for a “normal life.”

Fear of Emotional Attachment:

Orphaned at a young age and involved in the military early in life, Loid’s upbringing made him cold and rigid. He denies himself the “right to love” due to the dangerous nature of his job and the fear of losing a loved one.

Physical Exhaustion:

Loid’s commitment to his work sometimes leads to physical exhaustion, impacting his health. There are instances where he returns home looking extremely tired, causing concern for Yor.

Misjudgments and Lack of Understanding:

Despite Loid’s attempts to understand the emotions and needs of Anya and Yor, he often fails. His elaborate plan involving 862 moves to uplift Yor’s spirits during a date ends in disappointment. Loid’s inability to read Yor as a professional assassin may raise questions about his decoding and understanding of human nature.

Vulnerability of the Forger Family:

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The Forger family is Loid’s greatest vulnerability. As Twilight becomes more emotionally invested in his family, it provides adversaries with an opportunity to exploit this weakness if they discover his true identity. Anya’s inadvertent revelation of Twilight’s location during a prank raises concerns, and future situations may pose even greater risks.

In conclusion, while Loid Forger excels in many aspects, his weaknesses add depth to his character. Spy x Family continues to captivate readers as they witness the complexities of Loid’s life, both as a spy and a family man. As the story unfolds, fans eagerly anticipate how Loid will navigate the challenges and whether his vulnerabilities will become a source of strength or lead to unforeseen consequences.

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