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Spoiler Record Of Ragnarok chapter 85

Spoiler Record Of Ragnarok chapter 85

Spoiler Record Of Ragnarok chapter 85: Loki VS Brunhilde, Odin VS Beelzebub!

Summary of Record Of Ragnarok 84:

Spoiler Record Of Ragnarok chap 84: Okita Souji VS Susanoo

As Ragnarok approaches its conclusion, with 9 battles completed, the gods lead by just one point. The pressure on humanity is immense, and Brunhilde is determined that the next fighter must secure victory. Okita, confident in his abilities, steps forward.

On the opposing side, the gods also want a swift end to the battles. Anubis suggests taking the field, but Susanoo No Mikoto intervenes, requesting to face a representative from Japan. Match 10: Okita Susanoo!

Spoiler Prediction for Shuumatsu No Valkyrie – Record Of Ragnarok 85:

Unfortunately, the anticipated showdown between Loki and Okita might not unfold as fans expect. Instead, Shinsengumi’s swordsman will face a god from Japanese mythology: Susanoo No Mikoto.

Susanoo No Mikoto is considered the god of the seas and storms in Japanese mythology, the younger brother of Amaterasu and Tsukuyomi. Why was he chosen over his siblings for the battle, and being a relatively unknown deity to most readers globally, his character may require substantial flashback scenes for development.

Okita, Shinsengumi’s formidable swordsman, is Susanoo’s opponent. Shinsengumi is a highly renowned historical force in Japan, making this 10th battle a significant and anticipated event.

The subsequent chapter will likely follow the tradition of Shuumatsu No Valkyrie. We’ll witness Susanoo No Mikoto and Okita entering the arena, engaging in their initial exchanges. Given Okita’s character, he might initially hold the advantage. Subsequently, the story may delve into Okita and Shinsengumi’s flashbacks.

Before the match begins, we hope for insights into events outside the arena, such as the backstory of Siegfried. With the tournament nearing its end, secrets about Siegfried and Odin’s ulterior motives are likely to be unveiled.

Who do you think will win this 10th battle? Leave your comments for discussion!

Spoiler Shuumatsu No Valkyrie – Record Of Ragnarok 85:

Before kicking off the new battle, Chapter 85 provides insights into developments behind the scenes. While Brunhilde is walking, Odin suddenly appears before her. Valkyrie remains calm, advising the figure in front not to play around. It turns out Odin, at this moment, is actually Loki.

Loki is here to have a private conversation with Brunhilde. The trickster god claims to be here to save her. If she continues the fight, Brunhilde has no chance of winning. If she listens, Loki will persuade Odin to let her live (only Brunhilde).

Brunhilde straightforwardly refuses, causing Loki to experience “Emotional Damage.” Loki mentions Siegfried, but Brunhilde turns away, stating that it’s not the concern of the gods.

Disheartened, Loki returns to his room. The god carefully grooms a doll identical to Brunhilde. It seems Loki truly harbors intense emotions for the Valkyrie.

In another development, Buddha has recovered and begins a deeper investigation into Siegfried and Odin’s plans.

In another scene, Beelzebub confronts Odin directly. Beelzebub has recognized Odin’s true plan and wants to intervene. The old father of Norse mythology eagerly accepts the challenge, wielding the renowned Gungnir spear, a 1v1 against Beelzebub!

Update: Buddha is the first to face Odin. Beelzebub then appears to lend support. It seems they’ve guessed Odin’s purpose: he wants to resurrect the universe’s first deity!

Release time for Shuumatsu No Valkyrie – Record Of Ragnarok Chapter 85:

Spoiler Record Of Ragnarok 85: Loki VS Brunhilde, Odin VS Beelzebub!

Record Of Ragnarok Chapter 85 is scheduled for Japanese release on December 27 and English release on December 28.

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