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Predicted spoiler Record Of Ragnarok chapter 86

Predicted spoiler Record Of Ragnarok chapter 86: The 10th battle begins – Odin wants to resurrect Chaos?

Summary of Record Of Ragnarok 85:

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Many events unfolded in chapter 85. After the chicken wing, Loki seeks out Brunhilde, advising her to give up, and he will help her survive. It turns out Loki has feelings for Brunhilde. He even has a doll resembling Brunhilde in his room.

In another development, Buddha meets Odin. Through Kintoki’s investigation, Buddha learns that Siegfried is being held in Tartarus and intends to ask Odin why he is imprisoned. Odin gets angry, summons Gungnir, and attacks. Beelzebub suddenly appears. Beel seems to have figured out Odin’s plot.

In the final developments, the 10th battle is about to begin. The arena this time is Kyoto in the late Edo period when the Shinsengumi was active.

Predicted spoiler Shuumatsu No Valkyrie – Record Of Ragnarok 86

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Ending 2023, the ROR authors have given us an even more intense chapter. First, let’s talk a bit about the battle between Odin and Beelzebub. Beel is heavily injured, so he has almost no chance against Odin. Buddha is present, so it’s highly likely that he will intervene to prevent the confrontation from happening – or at least help Beelzebub retreat. Another force may also appear – for example, Zeus.

Beelzebub mentions something about resurrecting the first god. According to many predictions, the god Beel refers to is Chaos. This is the first god of Greek Mythology, the primordial god standing above all others. Why Odin wants to resurrect this god remains a mystery, but it may be related to Ragnarok, the event marking the death of all gods in Norse Mythology. Odin’s plan is probably related to Zerofuku being transformed into Ba Tuần. Siegfried being imprisoned could also be because he knows some secret of Odin.

In the next chapter, the developments after the chicken wing will be resolved early so that the audience can 100% focus on the events on the arena. Okita VS Susanoo. In this match, Okita is favored to fight in his “home ground,” so he will have a slight advantage. However, whether Okita’s swordsmanship is enough to fight against the Storm God Susanoo remains to be seen in the next chapter. This match is sure to be exciting, with many memories of both representatives.

Release date of Shuumatsu No Valkyrie – Record Of Ragnarok Chapter 86

Shuumatsu No Valkyrie – Record Of Ragnarok Chapter 86 is scheduled to be released on January 26, 2024. Spoiler information will be updated as soon as possible.

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