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Spoiler Oshi No Ko chapter 135

Spoiler Oshi No Ko chapter 135: What’s hot in the final chapter of the year?

Recap of Oshi No Ko chapter 134

Ai's True Feelings - Oshi no Ko Chapter 134 Review | Glowplasma231 - YouTube

Kana’s coldness has made Ruby feel even more “lonely.” She seeks advice from friends and realizes… Kana truly hates her. It’s not just an act to help her get into character, but Kana genuinely has those feelings. Ruby realizes that Ai has also gone through similar experiences, and she’s just a fragile girl herself.

Spoiler Oshi No Ko chapter 135

Oshi no Ko Chapter 135: Ngày phát hành & Spoiler : r/OtakuGO

This week’s chapter doesn’t have too many plot developments. Kana’s changes have had a strong impact on Ruby, causing her to change as well. Whether this is good or not is unclear, but Aqua and the director continue to discuss Hoshino Ai. Aqua believes that Ai is not someone who would cry over trivial matters. In his eyes, Ai never cries.

The director simply wants to capture the most authentic images of Ai, and he believes in Ruby, believes in Kana. He thinks that Kana isn’t really “bothering” Ruby. What she does is just to support the film.

Meanwhile, the atmosphere between Kana and Ruby is still tense. Aqua also thinks like the director. Ruby and Kana are both professionals, so they won’t let personal matters affect the project.

In the final pages of the manga, the filming process continues. The performance of B-Komachi with “Ai” and “Nino” sharing the same stage will take place in the next chapter.

The manga will take a break next week.

Oshi No Ko chapter 135 spoilers will be updated as soon as possible, expected on December 18th.

Release schedule for Oshi No Ko manga chapter 135:

Oshi No Ko chapter 135 will be released at 10 PM on December 20th, 2023, on MangaPlus. Detailed information about the manga will be continuously updated, so remember to follow if you’re interested.

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