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Oshi No Ko manga adapted into anime

Super dark showbiz masterpiece – Oshi No Ko manga adapted into anime – Reveals seiyuu cast!

What is Oshi No Ko?

Đọc 【OSHI NO KO】 chương mới nhất | Cứu Truyện

Oshi No Ko is one of the most anticipated newcomers in the manga industry from 2020 to 2022. The story is written by Aka Akasaka (author of Kaguya-sama) and illustrated by Mengo Yokoyari (author of Kuzu No Honkai). Oshi No Ko started serialization in 2020 in the Young Jump magazine and quickly gained strong attention after just a few chapters. Ai Hoshino is a young female idol with thousands of dedicated fans in Japan. One day, she becomes pregnant and has to retreat to a rural hospital to avoid the scrutiny of the media. On the night of Ai’s delivery, the doctor who was taking care of her is killed by a stranger.

The doctor later wakes up… and finds out that he has become Ai’s child! Not only that, his twin sibling is also born from a devoted fan of Ai! To seek revenge on the one who murdered him and investigate more about the “man who impregnated Ai,” the doctor – now Aquamarine Hoshino – gradually delves into the dark world of showbiz…

Oshi No Ko anime adaptation:

Oshi No Ko】 (TV Series 2023– ) - IMDb

Recently, Studio Doga Kobo announced that they will invest in producing the Oshi No Ko anime. The film crew includes:

Director: Daisuke Hiramaki.
Assistant Director: Chao Nekotomi.
Character Design: Kanna Hirayama.
Screenplay: Jin Tanaka.
Along with the production team information, the first promotional image of Oshi No Ko was also released, with the central focus on the character Ai Hoshino.

UPDATE: Seiyuu Takahashi Rie will be voicing the main female character, Ai.

When will the Oshi No Ko anime be released?

As of now, information regarding the airing time of Oshi No Ko is still being kept under wraps. According to Lag.vn’s prediction, it is highly likely that the anime will premiere in 2023. Further updates will be provided as soon as possible.

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