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Spoiler Chainsaw Man 148

Spoiler Chainsaw Man 148: Denji runs away – Yoru gets a massive power boost!

Summary of Chainsaw Man 147:

Column Hair informs the transformed individuals that Nayuta is a “witch.” If they kill her, Chainsaw Man will truly return. The fanatic followers immediately attack Denji’s group. Thanks to Quanxi’s intervention, they manage to escape safely.

In the final developments, Denji witnesses the transformed individuals being burned to ashes. A man recognizes Denji and reveals that he is the one who wants to become Chainsaw Man.

Spoiler Chainsaw Man 148:

Did SHE Get STRONGER | Chainsaw Man 148 - YouTube

Being pointed out, Denji becomes the center of attention for the crowd. The man states that someone like Denji will eventually transform as well and needs to be dealt with. Fumiko protects Denji by showing her hunter license, but the citizens reveal that they have seen hunter association members also transform into Chainsaw Man.

With no other options, a member of the association demands Denji to expose his chest for inspection. Quanxi realizes there’s no way out and orders Denji, Nayuta, and Fumiko to run away. As for Quanxi herself, she stays back to stop the others.

Returning to Asa, it’s quite surprising that she can withstand Yoshida’s finishing blow, even though he had previously cut off her arm. Shocked, Yoshida immediately calls upon Octopus for support. Asa turns her entire room into a sword without even touching it. Octopus is turned into sashimi. Yoru appears delighted as she realizes she has become stronger.

Yoru vs. Yoshida. Yoru’s power rapidly increases, causing her to lose control a bit. Jumping down below, Yoru understands why she has become stronger. The demon world around her starts remembering the horrors of the War!

Chainsaw Man Chapter 148 Release Date:

Chainsaw Man chapter 148 is scheduled to be released on Topreadmanga at 10 PM, November 14, 2023. Predictions and spoilers will be updated as soon as possible, so make sure to stay tuned!


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Frequently Asked Questions about Chainsaw Man:

When will Chainsaw Man have a new chapter?

The new chapter of the manga Chainsaw Man will be released at 10 PM every Tuesday on the Topreadmanga website. You can access it to read the full HD manga, which is completely free with official licensing. The new chapter will be released on November 14, 2023.

Where can you read Chainsaw Man 148 for free?

You can read Chainsaw man manga on the Topreadmanga website without any cost.

How to access the Topreadmanga website?

It’s very simple, just connect your computer or phone to the internet, then access Topreadmanga.com.

Also, if you enjoy watching videos about manga, the Topreadmanga YouTube channel is for you!

Wishing you enjoyable and relaxing moments with Topreadmanga!

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