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Spoiler Chainsaw man volume 12

Spoiler Chainsaw Man volume 12: Aki seeks revenge for Himeno.

In the final episode of season 1, Denji will settle the score with Katana Man once and for all. Aki, at this time, also has the opportunity to avenge his teammate Himeno.

Here are the details as predicted by Topredmanga in the spoiler for anime Chainsaw Man episode 12

In the later chapters of season 1, it is revealed that the person who saved Aki was Himeno. Remembering what his senior had said, Aki becomes even more motivated to kill the Devil. Kobeni quickly assassinates and holds a knife to the enemy’s throat, successfully eliminating two top leaders.

In another development, Power deals with a zombie horde and clears the way for Denji to confront Katana Man. The two exchange a few formal words and then engage in a fierce battle, tearing at each other like wild animals. The fight moves from inside a building to a train, where Denji faces difficulties in unleashing his full power due to the presence of many people around. Exploiting this vulnerability, Katana Man cuts off both of Denji’s hands and breaks his chainsaw on top of his head. However, Katana Man is still inexperienced and weak. Denji quickly creates another chainsaw from his leg and proceeds to sever both of Katana Man’s legs.

With Katana Man captured, Aki appears, and Denji invites him to join in condemning their enemies. This marks the first time in the story that Aki and Denji have a joyful moment together.

Season 1 concludes with a segment where Makima arrives to report on the recent battle. Afterward, Denji will have a peaceful sleep. During his slumber, he sees Pochita behind a door, who tells Denji, “Don’t open the door, no matter what happens.”

When will Chainsaw Chainsaw Man volume 12 of the anime be released?

Chainsaw Man episode 12 is expected to be released on December 27, 2023. For the latest information on the manga chapter, Topreadmanga will continuously update readers.

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