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Sis, I’ll Make You a Woman All the Way In

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“Look how much you’re feeling it. You’re so lewd, Sis.” My younger brother’s hot tongue is licking my wet pussy. I just came… I can’t take it anymore! I haven’t had a boyfriend for years. Sakura, who has completely given up on love, suddenly reunites with her stepbrother, Sou, for the first time in 10 years! Her brother insists on living with her until she’s got a boyfriend. Meanwhile, when her love for her senior gets turned down, Sou forces her to have sex with him, saying, “I’ll make you pretty with sex.” She knows she’s not supposed to do it, but he makes her cum again and again…! She thought her brother was just a brat, but now, she can’t resist the grown-up him.


Neesan no Naka Made Onna ni Shiteageru, 姉さんのナカまで女にしてあげる


Josei,  Romance,  Smut 

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