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Setting up One Punch Man season 3

One Punch Man season 3

One Punch Man season 2 exceeded expectations. Setting up season 3!

One Punch Man is one of the most amusing shonen superhero series, and that’s what exceeded expectations in season 2.

What does One Punch Man season 2 have?

Season 2 of One Punch Man brings back Saitama and his friends to face threats they have never seen before. One Punch Man has amazed readers with its humor and storytelling focused on the supporting characters since its premiere in 2015. While certain details in the plot have been adjusted from one episode to another, the common thread is that Saitama uses his punch to defeat one enemy after another.

Season 2 attempted something new by introducing a continuous story arc. Some viewers had high expectations for the series. In the end, One Punch Man season 2 exceeded those expectations.

Saitama’s friends

No Spoilers] Saitama Group : r/OnePunchMan



Particularly Genos, are some of the best anime characters ever created. If Saitama is One Punch Man’s Goku, then Genos is the Vegeta, and everyone knows how interesting Vegeta is.

Similar to Dragon Ball, One Punch Man treats viewers by introducing powerful supporting characters. Among the strong individuals, Saitama can be considered their friend. The moments when he hangs out or stays at home with Genos, King, and Fubuki are some of the best moments that season 2 brings.

The intriguing antagonist, monster

One Punch Man mùa 2: Garou xuất hiện trong hình dạng "quái vật hóa" - Sức  mạnh chưa biết nhưng đáng sợ vô cùng

The villains and monsters that challenged Saitama in season 1 were visually astonishing but lacked distinct characteristics. Each of them was built with intense and dramatic dialogues and unique visual designs, but the intriguing story never revolved around them.

One Punch Man is a refreshing anime because its main character can defeat enemies regardless of their appearance. However, the Hero Hunter, known as Garou, has taken two punches from Saitama, indicating the strength of this human martial artist. While his visual design may be less eye-catching than other monsters introduced in the series, that doesn’t stop Garou from becoming the most interesting antagonist that One Punch Man has introduced so far.

Having less of Saitama

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Creates a challenge to make a series where the main character can defeat enemies with just one punch. If the main character always overcomes every enemy in seconds, how do we develop intriguing antagonists and monsters to face him?

Season 2 takes the time to develop its other characters, distracting Saitama with video games and a martial arts tournament. While the video game scenes are mostly supplementary, the martial arts tournament leads to the Monster Association storyline. This change allows Saitama to be directly involved in the story.

Plot and characters

Garou: One-Punch Man Season 2 Villain, Explained

The entire plot of the first season of One Punch Man can be summarized in one sentence: Monsters attack, and the heroes react to stop them. The overarching plot of the season does nothing more than establish the heroes of this world.

Season 2 continues to build upon the world of heroes introduced in the first season but exceeds expectations by creating a storyline that follows the monsters of this world. Supporting characters and antagonists appear more prominently in season 2, and this time allows viewers to meet complex characters other than Saitama and Genos.

Has One Punch Man Season 3 been set up?

One-Punch Man Season 3: What Anime Fans Can Expect

The final episode of season 2 left many viewers scratching their heads! After delivering a punch that defeats one of the strongest monsters introduced in this season, Garou escapes while the Monster Association remains in City Z.

The essence of the first season gave viewers the idea that the themes and plot wouldn’t be left hanging at the end of this season 2. However, the current story of One Punch Man will continue in season 3, although no official release date has been announced yet.

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