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29 Volumes (Ongoing)


Every time a promising villain appears, Saitama beats the snot out of ’em with one punch! Can he finally find an opponent who can go toe-to-toe with him and give his life some meaning? Or is he doomed to a life of superpowered boredom?


Was nominated for the seventh annual Manga Taishō Award in 2014, an Eisner Award in 2015 and a Harvey Award in 2016. Won the Sugoi Japan Award and the Spanish Manga Barcelona award in the seinen category in 2017.




MURATA Yuusuke


Action  Adventure  Comedy  Drama  Sci-fi  Seinen  Supernatural 

One Punch Man, a manga series created by ONE and illustrated by Yusuke Murata, has taken the world by storm with its unique take on the superhero genre. This captivating manga has garnered a massive fan following and has become a cultural phenomenon. In this article, we will explore the distinct elements that make One Punch Man manga a standout success, its captivating storyline, memorable characters, and its impact on the genre.

What is One Punch Man famous for?

Captivating Storyline:

One Punch Man presents a refreshing twist on the traditional superhero narrative. The story revolves around Saitama, an incredibly powerful superhero who can defeat any enemy with a single punch. However, despite his overwhelming strength, Saitama finds himself constantly bored and yearning for a worthy opponent. The manga intricately weaves together humor, action, and existential themes, creating a captivating storyline that keeps readers hooked from beginning to end.

Memorable Characters:

One Punch Man introduces a diverse cast of memorable characters that go beyond the typical superhero archetypes. Saitama, the protagonist, is a lovable and comical character who struggles with the mundanity of his invincible power. Additionally, characters like Genos, Saitama’s cyborg disciple, and the enigmatic Hero Association provide depth and complexity to the narrative. Each character brings their unique personality and motivations, adding depth to the story and captivating readers with their charm and development.

Stunning Artwork:

One Punch Man manga showcases stunning artwork by Yusuke Murata. The detailed illustrations and dynamic action sequences breathe life into the pages, immersing readers in the intense battles and visually striking world of One Punch Man. Murata’s meticulous attention to detail and ability to convey emotions through his art elevate the manga to new heights, making it a visual spectacle that complements the engaging storyline.

Genre Deconstruction and Social Commentary:

One Punch Man goes beyond being a simple superhero manga. It cleverly deconstructs the genre tropes and satirizes the traditional notions of heroism. By showcasing Saitama’s unparalleled power and the ineptitude of the Hero Association, the manga challenges the conventional expectations of superhero stories. It also offers subtle social commentary on topics such as societal hierarchy, fame, and the pursuit of purpose. This thought-provoking approach adds depth to the narrative and sets One Punch Man apart from other manga in the genre.


One Punch Man manga has captivated readers worldwide with its captivating storyline, memorable characters, stunning artwork, and genre-defying approach. It has successfully carved its own niche in the superhero genre, offering a fresh and unique perspective on what it means to be a hero. As fans eagerly await the release of One Punch Man Season 3, it is clear that this manga has left an indelible mark on the industry and continues to delight and inspire readers with its exceptional storytelling and artistic brilliance.

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