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Read manga online Vengeful Weapon, Tears of Poison

Read manga online Vengeful Weapon, Tears of Poison for free at Topreadmanga

Information about Vengeful Weapon, Tears of Poison:


Amelia, the daughter of Yua Levanna’s second queen, is despised by the royal family due to her inherited “poison magic,” a unique ability from her mother. After enduring torment and witnessing her mother’s tragic demise, as the kingdom exploited her poison for military gain, Amelia clings to her mother’s dying words: “No matter what happens, don’t give up.”

One fateful day, the enigmatic northern empire of Saulverka announces that its Emperor seeks a new wife. Meanwhile, Amelia’s half-brother Craig seizes the throne of Yua Levanna by assassinating the previous king and sends Amelia to the notorious and cold-hearted Emperor Noam in Saulverka. Her reception by Noam is chilling and unwelcoming.

While lamenting her existence, Amelia uncovers the truth behind her mother’s death. Fueled by an intense desire for revenge, she embraces her seething anger and vows to avenge her mother against the royal family.



Why did manga Vengeful Weapon, Tears of Poison become famous?

Manga Vengeful Weapon, Tears of Poison has captured the hearts of readers worldwide due to its compelling narrative, intricate character development, and stunning visual storytelling. The series introduces a unique blend of suspense, drama, and emotional depth that keeps readers eagerly anticipating each chapter. The protagonist’s journey, filled with twists and turns, has resonated with a diverse audience, contributing to the manga’s widespread acclaim.

Moreover, the artwork, characterized by its distinctive style and attention to detail, has garnered praise for bringing the story to life in a visually captivating manner. The manga’s exploration of complex themes and its ability to evoke a range of emotions have established it as a standout work within the manga community.

The positive reception from both critics and readers alike has led to word-of-mouth recommendations and social media buzz, further fueling its rise to fame. Ultimately, Vengeful Weapon, Tears of Poison has become a beloved manga due to its masterful storytelling, well-crafted characters, and the emotional impact it leaves on its audience.

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