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Interesting Facts About the Manga and Anime Ninja Naruto You Might Not Know

Naruto is an iconic part of Japanese culture. Its unique art style, tightly woven plot, captivating and deep characters, and numerous hidden human values make it a remarkable series. You may have read the manga or watched the Naruto anime, but there are still a few fascinating facts about Naruto that you might not be aware of.

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In a very short period, Naruto became a renowned manga series in Weekly Shonen Jump. From the very first issue, many readers were completely captivated by the unfamiliar setting, emotionally complex characters, justifiable dreams, and logical guidance. Everyone could clearly see that the story and the main characters had a promising future, with many avenues for development and much more to say in the future, promising a long and meaningful series. In the subsequent manga volumes, Naruto further strengthened its reputation with thrilling battles filled with intelligence, reason, and clear strategies (in contrast to the power-based approach of Dragon Ball). The relationships between characters became more romantic. Many new supporting characters emerged, each with their own unique personalities. Naruto fan sites sprouted up like mushrooms in all the countries it reached. Naruto’s total revenue has reached the fourth position of all time, following Dragon Ball, Golgo 13, and One Piece. This ranking is highly impressive because compared to the stories of the aforementioned three giants, Naruto is considered to have a relatively simple and predictable plot. However, a series of foreshadowing, details, and plot construction have contributed to its resounding success.


Few are aware that the legendary ninja story of Naruto had already been censored and had parts cut before it became a massively popular anime series.

The original Naruto manga by Japanese artist and author Masashi Kishimoto was first published in 1994 and inspired two highly successful anime series that exceeded expectations while also serving as the creative source for numerous films and video games. Naruto tells the story of the main character, a young orphaned ninja who grows up in a mystical land. Within him resides an immensely powerful demon. As a result, he becomes exceptionally strong, surpassing any ninja of his time, but at the same time, he experiences many inner struggles throughout the series. Naruto’s entire adventure to become a legendary ninja is filled with both bitter and sweet moments, emphasizing teamwork, friendship, kinship, and family. It is a highly entertaining and immersive series worth watching and experiencing.

The main storyline remains the same, both in the manga and the anime. However, the truth is that there were some minor details that were censored when it was adapted into the TV anime broadcast.


A Guide To Naruto Hand Signs

Firstly, in the Naruto manga, Naruto and Kiba often raise their middle finger as a gesture to express intense emotions or when they are provoked and become enraged. This action often elicited laughter from readers, who found it amusing and adorable, and it suited the tone and context well.

However, as you may know, the middle finger gesture is highly sensitive and even considered rude and obscene in Western countries, especially in North America. Therefore, when the anime adaptation was broadcast worldwide, these scenes with the middle finger gesture were censored, and some places even cut them directly. Cartoon Network, for example, took this approach.

As the anime primarily targets a younger audience, the middle finger gesture, one of the distinctive marks of the characters in the original Naruto story, was both removed and had to be replaced with an alternative solution.

The producers decided to replace the sensitive gesture with a gesture of goodwill and peace that can be universally understood: clasping the hands together. It was similar to the way Ross and Monica clasped their hands in Friends, or the gesture parents use to prevent complaints.


Why was part 1 Naruto so much more violent than part 2? : r/Naruto

Ninjas involved in combat inevitably lead to bloodshed. In the manga, when everything is depicted through drawings, it is easier for readers to accept. The sense of gruesome violence is significantly reduced. However, when it comes to animated series, with more vibrant colors, liveliness, authenticity, and impact, the bloody fighting scenes become horrifying and may leave a deep impression on young viewers. To ensure safety, many broadcasters reviewed and cut or quickly skipped scenes involving violent elements. The ultimate goal was to bring the Naruto saga to all children without causing any negative effects on parents.


In What Episode of 'Naruto' Do Naruto and Sasuke Kiss?

When Naruto and Sasuke Uchiha faced each other for the first time, a rather comical situation occurred: they accidentally kissed. In the Japanese anime, this scene remained intact. However, in other countries, such as Cartoon Network, this unexpected kiss was cut.

Nevertheless, this did not affect the storyline, the characters, or their relationships, which remained extraordinary, just as in the original manga. Naruto continues to be a fictional anime character with a significant influence on children who are taking their first steps in finding themselves and developing in society.


Top 5 người mạnh nhất vũ trụ Dragon Ball

Artist and author Masashi Kishimoto, like many other renowned anime artists in the action and combat genre, drew considerable inspiration from Dragon Ball Z. He publicly acknowledged this in various interviews related to Naruto. It is evident since Dragon Ball Z was not only a cultural phenomenon in Japan throughout the 1990s but also a part of Japanese society. The influence of Dragon Ball Z on Naruto can be seen in Chiaotzu’s mask, which became a significant inspiration. Furthermore, the later introduced characters were also creatively influenced by Dragon Ball Z. Some important characters, especially those with demonic seals, bear a slight resemblance to Dragon Ball Z.

Just like the old man Roshi, who carries within him a demon that is a giant four-tailed monkey named Son Goku, do you find this name familiar? And if we recall a little more, in Dragon Ball, Master Roshi is Goku’s teacher, who can transform into a giant ape and usually carries a four-star Dragon Ball with him. Quite a connection, isn’t it?


Nhìn lại hành trình 25 năm chinh phục khán giả của thương hiệu One Piece

One Piece is a cultural phenomenon in Japan, and even with Naruto’s popularity, it couldn’t surpass One Piece, especially in the Japanese market.

When the Naruto manga concluded in 2014, the final page of the Naruto series was said to be inspired by One Piece. The frame depicts Naruto’s son drawing the Jolly Roger of the Straw Hat Pirates on a memorial tower overlooking their village.

In the same issue of Weekly Shonen Jump, the cover of One Piece featured the main characters from both series having a meal together (although Naruto’s face was obscured). Throughout the journey of creating these two renowned manga series, the authors of One Piece and Naruto engaged in healthy and friendly competition, from interviews to promotional activities.

Rarely have we witnessed such a wise and respectful competition between two talented artists.

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