Which manga had the most reads in 2016?

2016 was a memorable year for manga fans due to the release of several legendary manga series. Here are the top 2 best-selling manga of 2016, which have remained iconic and irreplaceable to this day!

1. Moriarty the Patriot (Released on January 1, 2016)

What does Moriarty the Patriot talk about?

Before he was Sherlock’s rival, Moriarty fought against the unfair class caste system in London by making sure corrupt nobility got their comeuppance. But even the best-intentioned plans can spin out of control—will Moriarty’s dream of a more just and equal world turn him into a hero…or a monster?

What genre does Moriarty the Patriot belong to?

Drama  Historical  Mystery  Psychological  Shounen

2. Sasaki and Miyano (Released on January 2, 2016)

What does Sasaki and Miyano talk about?

Miyano spends his days reading Boys’ Love comics—until a chance encounter leads to a scuffle with his senior Sasaki. Intrigued by his feisty junior, delinquent Sasaki uses every opportunity he can to get closer…

What genre does Sasaki and Miyano belong to?

Comedy  Romance  School Life  Shoujo  Shounen Ai  Slice of Life

Where can I read manga 2016?

Nowadays, reading manga has become much easier, as you don’t need to buy physical copies anymore and can read manga online. One of the free online manga reading websites is Topreadmanga.

How to access the Topreadmanga website?

Simply connect your phone or computer to the internet and visit, and you can read all the manga you want.

Wishing you a pleasant and relaxing time!