Which manga had the most reads in 2011?

2011 was a memorable year for manga fans due to the release of several legendary manga series. Here are the top 2 best-selling manga of 2011, which have remained iconic and irreplaceable to this day!

1. Douluo Dalu (Released on January 3, 2011)

What does Douluo Dalu talk about?

Towns spent his prelife in the Tang Clan. He stole the secret from the Inner Clan to reach the peak of martial arts. In the end, he had to commit suicide for such action. Then he was reborn in a different world-Soul Land. This world is filled with powerful soul masters. Each master has their own martial souls. The martial soul of Towns is a useless Blue Silver Grass. Can he bring the glory of the Tang Clan into this new world?

What genre does Douluo Dalu belong to?

Action  Adventure  Fantasy  Martial Arts  Romance  Shounen

2. GATE: Where the JSDF Fought (Released on January 5, 2011)

What does GATE: Where the JSDF Fought talk about?

On a certain summer day in the year 20XX, in broad daylight a gate to another world appears in Ginza, Tokyo. An army and a swarm of monsters come storming through the gate. The Japan Ground Self-Defense Force is able to defeat the invaders and they head through the gate into uncharted lands. An epic fantasy about a battle between the human race and another world filled with dangerous enemies and beasts!

What genre does GATE: Where the JSDF Fought belong to?

Action  Adventure  Comedy  Drama  Fantasy  Mature  Romance  Seinen

Where can I read manga 2011?

Nowadays, reading manga has become much easier, as you don’t need to buy physical copies anymore and can read manga online. One of the free online manga reading websites is Topreadmanga.

How to access the Topreadmanga website?

Simply connect your phone or computer to the internet and visit Topreadmanga.com, and you can read all the manga you want.

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