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Kedakaki Kemono No Ai wo Shire

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Though the daughter of a noble conglomerate family, Yuri was called a “weed” and treated with scorn and unfriendliness by her relatives because her father was an illegitimate child. Yuri accompanies her father over from Tokyo to the snowy north of Japan when he accepts a demotion. However, there she meets a man named Kaga, who has captivating and beautiful wolf-like eyes. The capable Kaga is the head of a local distinguished family and is also the vice president of the branch. Due to an arrangement he made, Yuri ended up working quietly in the secretarial office. It’s been five years since then. Yuri’s ill father has passed away, and she fears she’ll be called back to Tokyo by her relatives. On a snowy night, she is called to the Kaga family mansion. There, Kaga suddenly suggests, “Do you have any interest in becoming my wife?” In a snow-covered town, a dramatic love story is about to begin.


Know the Love of This Noble Wolf, 気高き獣の愛を知れ


Drama,  Josei,  Romance 

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