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Hunter x Hunter: Who is Gon’s wife?

Hunter x Hunter: Who is Gon’s wife?

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Hunter x Hunter author has considered four possible outcomes for the series, and one of them involves Gon and a character named Noko.

The Hunter x Hunter fan community always hopes and thinks positively about the health of author Yoshihiro Togashi, despite his serious health difficulties, including back pain. Because of this, the ending of the manga has become a frequent topic of discussion on forums and other social platforms.

Recently, in an interview with TV Asahi’s “Iwakura and Yoshizumi Show,” there was a discussion about Togashi’s plans to conclude “Hunter x Hunter.” When it comes to the possible ending for “Hunter x Hunter,” author Togashi has four ideas in mind. While details about the first three endings are not clarified, he classified them based on the expected reaction of the readers. Only the fourth ending has been revealed.

Togashi stated, “For the ending, I prepared three different scenarios: A, B, and C. Considering the readers’ reactions, from satisfaction to dissatisfaction, ending A will meet 80% of the requirements and not meet 20%.”

“This doesn’t necessarily mean high ratings, but from my perspective, achieving this ending will be a safe choice, avoiding excessive criticism,” the author added.

He continued to explain, “Ending B will cause divided opinions, while ending C, I predict, will have only 10% satisfaction and 90% dissatisfaction. Why would I choose an ending like that? Because even though it’s my personal preference, fundamentally, I want to come up with an ending that I find most enjoyable, even if it means not choosing any of those three and creating something I think is ideal and fun.”

As for the fourth ending, it focuses on a girl named Jin, the granddaughter of the main character Gon. Jin’s mother is Gon’s daughter and a woman named Noko, meaning Noko is Gon’s wife in this ending. This implies the possibility of Gon Freecss marrying Noko in the future. Togashi mentioned that this scenario would be chosen to conclude the manga if he were to leave early. Although most people don’t remember, Noko is a character who has appeared in the anime and manga. Gon mentioned her to Killua, and the girl smiled at Gon as he left the island to become a hunter.

So, who is Noko?

Hunter X Hunter manga ending: Who is Noko? Gon's wife, explained

She is one of the few children left on Whale Island, Gon’s hometown. In the manga and anime series, Noko briefly appears in two different arcs. In the Hunter Exam arc, she bids farewell to Gon as he leaves the ship. In the Yorknew City arc, Gon briefly mentions Noko in a conversation with Killua.

Noko’s role in Hunter x Hunter could be expanded if Yoshihiro Togashi’s contingency plan is activated. However, there is still very little information about her beyond the possibility of her becoming Gon’s future wife in the story.

As for Jin, she is a girl uninterested in leaving the island, contrary to the wishes of her parents, who want her to become a hunter. Jin’s parents note that she carries Gon Freecss’s blood, indicating that she could become a famous hunter in the future. Jin’s lack of interest in leaving the island may be influenced by Noko’s bloodline.

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