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Gon Freecss’ Strength

Hunter x Hunter: What is the level of Gon Freecs’ strength?

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The question of how powerful Gon Freecss truly is remains a fascinating aspect of the Hunter x Hunter series. His strength, though peculiar, is deeply rooted in the environment he grew up in. Gon’s determination and innate abilities have paved the way for thrilling actions in the series, marking his journey towards becoming the most formidable Nen user to date!

When you hear the name Gon Freecss, does an image of a mature man around 50 come to mind? Surprisingly, Hunter x Hunter presents a character design of a 12-year-old boy with sharp, spiky hair bearing that very name. A fearsome name for an seemingly harmless child? Hold onto that thought!

While Gon may not be the strongest character in the anime, his potential to become a powerhouse is evident through his unwavering will and natural strength. However, after sacrificing all his Nen in the Chimera Ant arc, Gon’s power was on par with Meruem. Currently in the manga, due to this daring decision, Gon lacks sufficient Nen to use and is in the process of recovery.

So, how strong is Gon Freecss?

It has been established multiple times through his interactions with Hisoka, Hanzo, and Killua that Gon is not the strongest among them.

However, Gon possesses remarkable strength fueled by his formidable determination. Additionally, Gon has various useful skills that make him an efficient Hunter. He has attempted to win challenging battles, although he often falls short.

What’s intriguing about Gon’s fighting style is that it doesn’t solely rely on the physical attributes of his body and his Nen potential. His terrifying determination and lack of second thoughts allow him to develop even in the riskiest of battles.

However, while most fighters exercise caution and strategy in their battles, Gon pushes through these in an effort to defeat his opponents, enabling him to make daring moves and face situations that most skilled fighters would avoid. This is truly impressive and interesting to watch, although such a strategy in combat always comes with a price. Gon’s lack of experience and strength is something he must overcome with his extraordinary determination.

On the flip side, this daring decision allows us to witness the insane potential this child possesses. He uses an immensely powerful rock and Jajanken against Neferpitou in a brutal outcome following Kite’s death. The potential Nen used in that event led to Gon transforming into what people call ‘Adult Gon.’

Therefore, Gon is undoubtedly capable of becoming a formidable force once he gains experience and utilizes his power correctly. But let’s delve into the roots of his strengths, shall we?

I. All-Natural Abilities – Where Do They Come From?

The story of Gon Freecss revolves around his journey to find his father, Ging Freecss, after discovering that he is a renowned Hunter. Having Ging Freecss as a father undoubtedly works in his favor, providing a natural advantage in terms of abilities.

It’s crucial to remember that Gon is an Enhancer; thus, he uses his Nen ability to enhance his physical strength. His attacks heavily depend on his physical prowess, and his immense potential Nen serves these needs.

These vast reserves of potential Nen can be explained simply through inheriting genes similar to his father’s. It’s the classic nature versus nurture debate here, and Gon seems to have nature on his side. He has been praised for his keen observation skills, agility, and endurance in the Hunter Exam. Besides his physical abilities, Gon also wields a fishing rod as his weapon.

He was once able to catch Hisoka’s tag from a considerable distance, even while Hisoka was moving at high speed. With his inherent strengths, Gon always executes actions that seem fitting for his abilities and personality. In addition to this, Gon possesses an uncanny instinct – one that comes off as “creepy” but undoubtedly aids his useful instincts. Gon is particularly known for his reflexes, agility, endurance, and speed.

These qualities truly complement his highly destructive attacks. He is also a skilled dual-wield warrior who has learned Wing’s Shingen-ryu kung fu techniques. However, one of his most impressive abilities is his resilience and adaptability. Despite severe burns on his right arm, a crushed left arm, and a smashed windpipe, Gon still attempted to perform Rock and emerged victorious in the battle against Genthru.

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II. It’s Not All Natural! Gon’s Training Regimen

One reason why Gon can harness his natural strengths effectively is due to his rigorous training. Training and developing your strengths are crucial, and Gon adheres to those principles. After being trained at Zoldyck’s, he can effortlessly open doors weighing 4 tons! I’ll tell you, it’s almost astonishing to see a child open such heavy doors.

If he was trained to open the Testing Gate at Zoldyck, you could say that Gon possesses an incredibly powerful arm strength.

Furthermore, under Biscuit’s training, Gon could enhance his speed and reflexes to match Killua’s, despite initially being slower.

III. What About His Vast Nen Potential?

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While Killua is praised for Nen control, Gon is applauded for the amount he can unleash. There’s no denying that Gon was generously gifted with a lot of strength and recovery abilities as an Enhancer. But he actively works on honing his Nen abilities, practicing Emission and Transformation, as well as under Biscuit’s guidance.

Gon has mastered four basic techniques and at least five advanced ones, making him a formidable opponent. He can also read the opponent’s aura along with the amount of Nen deployed – impressive for a newcomer in that aspect.

His resilience as a Nen user is remarkable, as seen in dire situations where he puts himself through and manages to survive (beating Genthru, sacrificing his Nen, etc.).

However, Gon’s distinctive Nen ability, Jajanken, includes Rock, his main punch attack delivering a devastating blow; Paper, a long-range attack firing aura balls from his palm; and Scissors, a mid-range attack forming an aura sword between his index and middle fingers.

IV. Mental Fortitude

Gon is extremely intelligent and intuitive in battles. He manages to think of alternative solutions to help him and his friends survive in combat. But one of his notable abilities is his unwavering will in fights. His determination allows him to triumph in battles against opponents who might even be physically stronger.

His mental strength is also one of the reasons behind his endurance and resilience in battles, enabling him to win even when paying a hefty price.

Now, is Gon powerless?

Hunter x Hunter: Does Gon Still Have Nen?


Gon used all his Nen abilities to kill Neferpitou, and as a result, he can no longer use his Nen when depleted.

However, Alluka restored Gon to normal, suggesting that he can still use some of his Nen abilities. Ging tells Gon to be thankful for surviving a daring feat with what he has now.

He urges Gon to rediscover what he wants to do in life. Consequently, Gon goes to White Island with Mito to decide what he wants to do and gradually replenish his Nen.

Since then, the story shifts focus to Kurapika, but there’s no reason to believe Gon is powerless. Gon is undoubtedly very strong for his age and actively developing mentally, physically, and in Nen abilities.

However, he’s still not the strongest character in the story. With the setback after the events with Neferpitou, his current abilities have yet to be revealed.

About Hunter x Hunter:

Hunter x Hunter is a Shonen anime adapted from the manga of the same name.

The story follows the adventure of a boy, Gon, who discovers that his father is not truly dead but a legendary Hunter. Instead of feeling disheartened, Gon resolves to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a great Hunter himself.

However, being a Hunter is no easy task, and Gon must pass an exam to become an official Hunter. He makes friends on this journey, and together they must help each other overcome every obstacle.

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