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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 99

Spoiler Dragon Ball Super Chapter 99: Piccolo decides to fight Cell Max, Gohan awakens a new state!

Dragon Ball Super chapter 99 spoilers & raw scans: Cell Max obliterates  Piccolo

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 99, titled “The Supreme Awakening of Son Gohan!” is a perfect example of how the manga continues to refresh itself and intrigue fans with new storylines.

The release of Dragon Ball Super Chapter 99 proves that there are still many interesting developments beyond the known events of the Tournament of Power. Despite fans’ initial disappointment with Chapter 91, which simply summarized the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie, this new chapter brings a welcome change.

“The Supreme Awakening of Son Gohan!” is captivating both in storytelling and art, providing satisfaction, especially to Gohan’s followers.

The Epic Battle of Piccolo and Cell Max

Chapter 99 doesn’t bring innovation to the plot, as expected by fans. However, the battle against Cell Max takes a new turn with Piccolo’s latest transformation. Toyotarou’s art truly stands out in depicting the grand scale of this confrontation, something that is sometimes challenging in the anime. Each clash between Giant Orange Piccolo and Cell Max is compelling and impressively weighted, honoring the epic nature of the manga. Dragon Ball Super’s storyline shines by not centering on Goku and Vegeta, allowing other characters to shine. Gohan and Piccolo, along with supporting characters like Gotenks, Android 18, Krillin, and the Gamma Androids, all have standout moments. It’s a fresh approach highlighting the importance of all Z warriors, showcasing their determination and courage, regardless of their power.

Dragon Ball Super is filled with spectacular moments, and Chapter 99 is no exception. We witness Cell Max, an imperfect version without regeneration abilities, facing a significant challenge. Despite losing an arm, Cell Max remains undeterred, continuing his fierce battle. The escalating duel between Piccolo and Cell Max creates a balanced and captivating fight. Piccolo’s inability to regenerate his arm immediately adds mystery and strategy to the battle, illustrating that even the most powerful warriors can choose to fight on their terms.

Gohan’s Awakening: Beast Gohan’s New State

Dragon Ball Super: Gohan Beast Form Explained

What always makes Dragon Ball intriguing is its spectacular transformations, and Gohan is not left behind. His transformation into Beast Gohan is a significant milestone, especially coming at a crucial moment for Piccolo. This new power is not only a symbol of strength but also a testament to Gohan’s deep connection with his loved ones. The manga remarkably portrays this transformation, possibly surpassing its depiction in the “Super Hero” movie. The details on Gohan’s hair and the power in his new form initially impress readers visually.

Chapter 99 is crucial in highlighting the relationship between Gohan and Piccolo. Piccolo’s contribution to the battle against Cell Max is substantial. Gohan choosing to use the Special Beam Cannon – a technique iconic to Piccolo – instead of the Kamehameha is a fantastic tribute to his mentor and emphasizes his shared victory.

Predictions for the Conclusion and Beyond

Dragon Ball Super knows how to keep readers on the edge of their seats, and the final part of Chapter 99 is a perfect example. While fans who have seen the “Super Hero” movie may predict what’s about to happen, the manga maintains tension, leaving readers to speculate about Cell Max’s ultimate fate.

Additionally, Gohan’s magnificent battle sets the stage for future clashes. Compared to previous battles in the series (the fight against Cell Max was limited and straightforward), the manga introduces a new approach to the future storyline.

When will Dragon Ball Super Chapter 99 be released?

The upcoming chapter 99 of Dragon Ball Super is set to be released on November 20, 2023. This date shouldn’t catch longtime manga followers off guard, as it adheres to the regular monthly release pattern of one chapter per month. The manga typically presents substantial chapters, spanning approximately 45-50 pages.

Upon the release of the new chapter, readers in North America can access it around 8 am PT/11 am ET. This timeframe conveniently follows the Japanese release by just an hour or two, minimizing concerns about spoilers for fans eager to read the English version.

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