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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 100

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 100

Spoiler Dragon Ball Super Chapter 100: “Burst Forth–Light Of Death!”

The extended Super Hero story arc in the Dragon Ball Super manga concludes dramatically as Gohan Beast emerges victorious over Cell Max.

The anime adaptation of Dragon Ball Super has faced a lack of new content for over five years since concluding with the Tournament of Power. In a surprising move, the manga embarks on an expanded adaptation of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, starting with Chapter 91, titled “The Red Ribbon Army’s Revival.” This marks the commencement of the manga’s “Super Hero Saga,” a narrative that revolves around a prolonged and intense battle against Cell Max.

After nearly a year, this storyline reaches its climax in Chapter 100, titled “Burst Forth–Light Of Death!” This significant milestone in the Dragon Ball Super manga serves as a celebratory tribute to the series. While Chapter 100 doesn’t substantially deviate from the events of its cinematic source material, it introduces satisfying enhancements and stunning artwork, catering to both seasoned Dragon Ball enthusiasts and newcomers.

What Could Happen In Dragon Ball Super Chapter 100?

Gohan Beast, at last, triumphs over Cell Max

Dragon Ball Super Better Not Waste Gohan's 'Super Hero' Gains

Despite Cell Max remaining the central obstacle in Chapter 100, there is a noticeable lack of tension, particularly for those who have already experienced Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. The chapter picks up where Chapter 99, “Son Gohan’s Ultimate Awakening!,” left off. Gohan Beast readies a devastating Special Beam Cannon as the heroes’ final move against the ultimate villain. The attack connects early in the chapter, swiftly concluding the battle with Cell Max. Chapter 100 feels more like an extended epilogue than a climactic finish, despite maintaining some visually stunning splash panels that highlight the gravity of Gohan Beast’s pivotal attack.

Gohan’s victory is made possible with assistance from his allies. Orange Piccolo restrains Cell Max, ensuring Gohan’s attack hits its mark. Goten and Trunks, now de-fused, contribute by striking blows to Cell Max’s hands, preventing any chance of retaliation. This collaborative effort provides a satisfying conclusion to the battle and allows the heroes to share in Gohan’s triumph. An intriguing development following Gohan’s success is the revelation that his Special Beam Cannon variation is uniquely his own. Gohan Beast names this attack “A Light of Death,” a more menacing moniker. Piccolo approves of this “upgrade,” showcasing Gohan’s growth and underscoring Piccolo’s deepening bond with Pan. There’s a possibility that Pan may develop her own Special Beam Cannon variation through their shared training.

In the final moments of Chapter 100, Cell Max executes a relatively harmless self-destruct sequence. The damage is contained and easily avoided by Gohan and his companions, a convenient departure from the original Cell’s destructive self-destruct attack that required Goku’s sacrifice. Cell Max’s explosion doesn’t demand the same level of sacrifice.

Dr. Hedo’s Redemption and Transition to the Side of Good

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero's Dr. Hedo Is More Than a Gag Character

In the aftermath of Cell Max’s explosion in Chapter 100, “Burst Forth–Light Of Death!” heroic sacrifices are still evident. The focus shifts to the aftermath, with Gamma 2’s demise taking center stage. Gamma 1 and Dr. Hedo, along with the Z-Fighters, mourn the loss. Post-battle clarity leads to official job offers for Dr. Hedo and Gamma 1 to assist Bulma at Capsule Corporation, marking the conclusion of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. Krillin, Bulma, and Piccolo are ready to reconcile with these once-manipulated characters. However, playful animosity persists, particularly from Android 18, who resents Dr. Hedo for once again tarnishing the reputation of androids. This sets the stage for potential entertaining and catty arguments between the two characters. The prospects of what Dr. Hedo and Gamma 1 will bring to Capsule Corp.’s future are genuinely exciting, hinting at the possibility of Bulma’s headquarters and technology becoming more essential.

Amidst the need for help at Capsule Corporation, Chapter 100 also hints at more Red Ribbon rampages to come. Carmine emerges from the fierce battle determined to transform Red Ribbon Pharmaceuticals into a formidable force, reminiscent of Commander Red’s ambitions. The revived Red Ribbon remains on standby for future conflicts, adding an element of anticipation for the next story arc.

Chapter 100, “Burst Forth–Light Of Death!,” also explores Bulma’s playful encounters with those around her. Piccolo, in the feature film, chastises Bulma, while the manga includes playful attacks from Goten and Trunks about Bulma’s unconventional beauty treatments. Bulma’s excitement to work with Dr. Hedo stems from his expertise in skin treatments and aging remedies. Although Dragon Ball Daima threatens to turn Bulma into a child, her collaboration with Dr. Hedo in Dragon Ball Super might preserve her youthful appearance.

Pan’s Ascension and Future Potential

In Dragon Ball Super’s “Super Hero Saga,” Gohan and Piccolo take the spotlight. The narrative also places a significant focus on Gohan’s daughter, Pan, who becomes a catalyst for Gohan’s return to the battlefield. Pan exhibits unprecedented strength during this story arc, showcased in Chapter 100, “Burst Forth–Light Of Death!,” where she confidently takes flight. Pan’s mastery of this ki ability, accidentally triggered during earlier chaos, impresses everyone. Piccolo is so amazed that he declares it’s time to elevate Pan’s training to the next level.

This sets the stage for an exciting future for Pan and Piccolo. Dragon Ball Super appears committed to continuing this storyline, showcasing Pan’s natural battle prowess and ki skills that hold immense potential. While she may still be distant from achieving Super Saiyan status, continued training under Piccolo might expedite her progress. Pan’s increasing role hints at her becoming a permanent presence in future Dragon Ball Super battles, reminiscent of her larger role in Dragon Ball GT.

Vegeta’s Victory Over Goku in their Divine Duel

Vegeta's Ultimate Dragon Ball Z Victory Over Goku is His Most Shameful

The “Super Hero Saga” of Dragon Ball Super, in both movie and manga formats, deviates from the series’ main characters, Goku and Vegeta, allowing neglected fighters like Gohan and Piccolo to shine. Goku and Vegeta, absent from the battle against Cell Max, conclude the storyline with a friendly duel. Chapter 100, “Burst Forth–Light Of Death!,” reveals the end of Goku and Vegeta’s sparring session on Beerus’ Planet. In a surprising turn, Vegeta emerges victorious over Goku, a rarity in the Dragon Ball universe.

Chapter 100 doesn’t reverse this decision, allowing Vegeta to bask in his triumph. While somewhat presented humorously in Super Hero, the manga confirms Vegeta’s victory, suggesting a shift in the dynamic between the two Saiyans and hinting at Ultra Ego surpassing Ultra Instinct. The “Super Hero Saga” offers revelatory power-scaling moments that fans eagerly anticipate exploring in future chapters.

What Is The Confirmed Release Date For Eager Readers?

The Dragon Ball Super manga faces a unique position with Chapter 100, concluding the “Super Hero Saga.” While successful, it risks alienating fans who have already experienced this story in its anime feature film counterpart. Despite this, the anticipation for Chapter 101, set to arrive in January, brings renewed excitement. The manga has various directions it could take, with the revised Z-Fighter team and additional characters like Gamma 1 and Dr. Hedo adding new dimensions to the narrative. Pan’s growing strength, the potential return of Gotenks, the looming threat of Broly, and the tease of Red Ribbon rampages create an atmosphere of mystery for the Dragon Ball Super manga in 2024. The future appears open-ended and full of possibilities, injecting fresh energy into the series.

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