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A Love that Melts Away a Poisonous Heart

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Princess Anji was raised to be oppressed in order to become a victim of the terrifying serpent that rules the country. On her 18th birthday, when she was prepared to die, what appeared in front of her was not a serpent, but a strange young man – Albert.

“As promised, I have rushed to help you.”

Albert looks kindly at Anji, who is bewildered by the loss of his role in life, and extends his hand. But Anji turns pale and shakes off his hand.

“Don’t touch me, because I—”

A sad and sweet love story begins between a pitiful sacrificial princess whose death was wanted by people all over the country, and the only young man in the world who wants the princess to live.

“I want you to be by my side. I want you to smile. Even if you forget me. –even if you can’t touch me.”


Ikenie Hime no Doku wa Yuusha no Ai ni Tokasarete, 生贄姫の毒は勇者の愛に溶かされて


Fantasy,  Josei,  Psychological,  Romance

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