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Vinland Saga Manga Coming to an End

Vinland Saga: Is the Manga Coming to an End?

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Vinland Saga has captivated audiences with its blood-soaked and intense tale set in the Viking era, skillfully brought to life through animation by WIT Studio. It even secured Crunchyroll’s Best Drama of 2019 award. Indeed!

While many eagerly anticipate Season 2, manga enthusiasts are somewhat disappointed with the news that the manga will soon conclude. So, is the news true? Is the manga really coming to an end soon? Let’s find out!

Yukimura revealed that the manga has indeed concluded and entered its final arc. He estimated that the manga would conclude with Chapter 216, meaning the final chapter could be released in 2024. The focus will primarily be on Thorfinn accomplishing his true goal.

The Manga is in its Final Arc!

On February 22, 2022, Comic Natalie conducted an interview with Yukimura and Attack On Titan author Hajime Isayama. Yukimura was asked about the completion timeline for Vinland Saga.

Yukimura responded by stating that Vinland Saga is in its final stages, and the last chapter will be released soon. He also confirmed that the manga entered its final arc with Chapter 216.

As this information comes directly from the mangaka, it’s undoubtedly official!

When will the final chapter be released?

In the same interview, Yukimura estimated that the manga could conclude with Chapter 216.

Based on this information, we may expect content for about a year. This could mean that the manga will conclude in 2024 unless there are any unexpected interruptions.

What’s the Plot for the Final Arc?

The concluding part of the story follows Thorfinn and his companions as they journey from Iceland to Vinland to create a land of peace. However, they must address unexpected challenges, including convincing the indigenous people that they mean no harm. We must wait and see whether Thorfinn ultimately achieves his goal and whether it aligns accurately with history!

About Vinland Saga

Vinland Saga is a Japanese historical manga series written and illustrated by Makoto Yukimura. The series is serialized by Kodansha in the monthly manga magazine “Afternoon” for mature male readers. It currently has 26 tankōbon volumes.

Set in the ancient Viking era, Vinland Saga follows the life of young Thorfinn, who deviates from his path after his father, Thors—a renowned warrior who retired—is killed during a journey. Thorfinn then finds himself under the control of his father’s murderer, hoping to seek revenge when he becomes stronger. The anime is based on Thorfinn Karlsefni’s expedition in the search for Vinland.

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