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Top 5 Best Yuri Manga of 2023

What is Yuri? Top 5 Best Yuri Manga of 2023?

What is Yuri?

Yuri is a term widely known among manga enthusiasts, referring to a genre that depicts romantic relationships between women. The demand for engaging yuri manga has been steadily rising, with numerous captivating releases. If you’re a fan of yuri manga and on the lookout for the best ones available, don’t miss out on this article.

Top 5 Best Yuri Manga of 2023?

1. Citrus


Yuzu’s new school is nothing like she expected. Enrolling in an all-girls school, she faces strict rules and traditions instead of the romantic high school experience she envisioned. Instead of romantic high school tales, she encounters a student council with stringent principles, the only aspect of school she cannot tolerate. A shocking revelation is that Mei, the student council president, is her stepsister. The two must now navigate their complex relationship, oscillating between love and hate.

Yuzu and Mei’s relationship takes an unusual turn as Yuzu finds herself developing feelings for Mei, who, in contrast, seems to pursue relationships with male peers. Yuzu’s lack of experience in love and relationships leads her into a labyrinth of unanswered questions, creating inner turmoil as she grapples with the unknown. Readers witness their attempts to unravel the meaning of loving someone and fill the gaps in their minds, guided by their innocent curiosity.

2. Bloom Into You

Bloom Into You (TV Mini Series 2018) - IMDb

Koito Yuu indulges in romantic stories found in Shoujo manga, yearning for the day when she becomes the protagonist of such tales. On graduation day, her crush confesses his feelings to her, but oddly, Yuu doesn’t experience the expected happiness. Determined to provide a proper response, Yuu sets a date one month later for her reply. During this period, she encounters Nanami, a senior and a prominent member of the student council.

Nanami, immensely popular among boys, has turned down countless confessions, citing her lack of interest in anyone. Learning this, Yuu seeks Nanami’s advice on matters of the heart. After receiving guidance from Nanami, Yuu realizes her own emotions and decides to reject her admirer. In an unexpected turn, Nanami abruptly declares that Yuu has fallen for her. Nanami’s sudden confession leaves Yuu bewildered and questioning her feelings.

3. Octave

Manga: Review de Octave Vol.1 de Haru Akiyama - Editorial Planeta

At 18, Yukino Miyashita relocates to Tokyo, hoping to reset her life after her idol group fails to achieve success. She takes on the role of an assistant at a modeling agency, but the sense of failure persists. It’s not until she encounters 22-year-old composer Setsuko Iwai that things take a turn.

4. Girl Friends

100 Girlfriends: Best Girls In The Manga, Ranked

Mari, a rather reserved girl with no prior experience in relationships or friendships, undergoes a transformative change when she encounters Akiko in class. The two quickly become inseparable as they engage in conversations. Akiko’s warmth draws Mari out of her shell, and despite Mari’s struggle with her awkward and shy nature, they start having a lot of fun together. Regardless of Akiko’s assurances, Mari knows that deep within her, she is passionately in love with Akiko.

“Girlfriends” and “Citrus” share a somewhat similar backdrop where two high school girls come together—one more socially adept, the other dealing with inexperience. Mari finds it challenging to express herself as she never had the opportunity, while Akiko is quick to assert herself without much hesitation. Fresh and exciting events unfold around both characters, and their involvement in each other’s lives helps shape their overall personalities, allowing for deeper exploration. The truly disappointing aspect of this beautiful romantic tale is the anticipation of whether their relationship will blossom or not, creating a constant sense of tension throughout each chapter.

5. Seagull Villa Days

Days of Love at Seagull Villa - Manga First Impression - I drink and watch  anime

After being betrayed and breaking up with her partner, Mayumi decides to leave Tokyo and embark on a new life. She is appointed as a teacher at Shiohama School and moves to Seagull Villa. While adapting to her new life in the rural setting, many amusing and poignant situations unfold.

Mayumi’s first encounter with Rin begins with a small misunderstanding, leaving an initially unfavorable impression of Rin in Mayumi’s eyes. However, as they both start living at Seagull Villa, they gradually understand each other, growing closer and forming a strong bond.

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