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The Oiran Marionette

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Shiinoki Hanao didn’t know her life could change just overnight. Once just a normal girl, Hanao’s life takes a sharp turn when she is sold to the red light district of Shinjuku along with her twin brother Chigaya due to their parents’ debt. Hanao is forced to work at the historically themed brothel “Kaguraya” and act as an “oiran,” a high-class Japanese prostitute that existed back in the Edo Period. Then there is Takajo Shu, the young and handsome keeper of Kaguraya who is in charge of Hanao’s training as an oiran. Takajo confuses Hanao, because he’s supposed to be one of the bad guys selling girls’ bodies for a living and yet… he’s always there for her when she needs someone. Hanao longs to escape from this prison of a place, but somehow she’s started to long for something, or rather, someone else as well…


Oiran Doll ~Shinjuku Yuukaku Koi Monogatari~, The Oiran Marionette, 花魁どぉる~新宿遊廓恋物語~, 오이란 인형


Adult,  Drama,  Josei,  Romance,  Smut 

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