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The Mercenary and the Novelist

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“You are a more disgusting man than I imagined.” “Your poor imagination makes for an unconvincing opinion.”
The smoke of the steam engine covers the city in 1873. A novelist approaches a mercenary who has lost his place of employment. She has a request to escort her to an interview in ‘a mountainous region that is not on the map’. Hiring a mercenary is unavoidable and by process of elimination the novelist had no other choice but him.
The journey of the two people, who are constantly swearing at each other, eventually gets caught up in a plot involving the nation… An era of high growth when the transcontinental railroad was completed, but an era of twilight when electric lights were not yet born. A story of a world similar to “why” in 19th-century America.


The Mercenary and the Novelist, Youhei to Shousetsuka, Hồi ký du hành cùng nữ tiểu thuyết gia của gã lính thuê lang bạt, The Soldier and the Novelist, 傭兵と小説家


Adventure,  Drama,  Fantasy,  Historical,  Shounen 

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