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The Fairy Princess Has Decided to Take Revenge

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Due to her strong magical powers, Maria, the daughter of a duke who grew up coldly oppressed by her family, believed that she could be happy with her kind fiancée.

However, when she witnessed her fiancée cheating on him, her magical powers went out of control, and she was executed for attempted assassination of the royal family.

Maria’s soul, which has been tattered by betrayal and repeated torture, is reborn as Mariabelle, a member of the neighboring country’s royal family.

“I hope you will be happy in your next life.” Mariabell will grow up with the love of the fairies and her family. Mariabell was happy and content with her peaceful days, but one day, the fairies disappeared. It is said that it is related to Mariabel’s previous life.

There was a reason why the little fairy chose the soul of Maria, who was hurt by her betrayal, and reborn as a member of the royal family of the neighboring country


Yousei Hime ga Fukushuu wo Kimeta Wake, 妖精姫が復讐を決めたわけ


Fantasy,  Romance,  Shoujo 

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