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Strongest Characters in Hunter x Hunter

Top 8 Strongest Characters in Hunter x Hunter

Hunter x Hunter, a once highly popular manga, continues to captivate fans with its diverse and powerful characters. Today, let’s delve into the top characters that many have voted as the strongest in Hunter x Hunter. The characters featured in this ranking were selected based on a reputable website’s ranking.

1. King of Ants – Meruem:

Meruem King of the Chimera Ants by bodskih on DeviantArt


Making his debut in the Chimera Ant arc, Meruem, also known as the Ant King, possesses absolute peak strength from birth, nearly unmatched and considered one of the strongest characters in the series. Not only formidable, but he is also ruthless, a murderous antagonist. Meruem’s destiny was initially to dominate the world, but he found little interest in that and sought something new for entertainment. This quest led him to Komugi, a Gungi game master, who became the first to defeat Meruem in any match, sparking a peculiar relationship between the two.

2. Hunter Association Chairman – Netero:

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Netero, with his “overly aged” appearance, seems frail at first glance, but he is a seasoned veteran with tremendous strength in Hunter x Hunter. He served as the Chairman of the Hunter Association and was one of the rare Hunters to return safely from the Dark Continent. When facing the Chimera Ants, Netero sacrificed himself to destroy the Ant King, ensuring the future safety of humanity.

3. Zeno Zoldyck – Killua’s Grandfather:

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Zeno appears as a cheerful and humorous old man, but those around him quickly realize that age does not affect his mental acuity and combat experience. Zeno is a brilliant strategist, using his experience in Nen with a calm and cautious approach to combat. Additionally, he takes pride in being a professional assassin, separating work from emotions and risking his life for what he deems worthy rewards.

4. Chimera Ant Royal Guards of Meruem:

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With incredible speed and power, Meruem’s Royal Guards rightfully claim their spots among the strongest characters in Hunter x Hunter. They possess an aura several times stronger than other Hunters worldwide. The trio consists of Pitou, Youpi, and Pouf, each with unbeatable strengths. Pitou with incredible speed and overwhelming aura, Youpi with limitless aura for continuous explosive attacks, and Pouf’s ability to split into molecular levels, making him nearly invincible.

5. Silva – Killua’s Father:

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It’s no surprise that two Zoldyck family members are on this list. Silva may lack the experience or accumulated skills of Zeno, but he compensates with physical strength, durability, and a diverse range of techniques. Silva easily defeated the Phantom Troupe’s leader and took down a Chimera Ant hybrid with incredible speed, responsible for killing many 2-3 star Hunters with just a flick of his wrist.

6. Phantom Troupe Leader – Chrollo Lucilfer:

Chrollo Lucilfer Leader of the Phantom Troupe by bodskih on DeviantArt

With his handsome yet chilling demeanor, Chrollo is undoubtedly among the most beloved characters in Hunter x Hunter. However, his strength is nothing to scoff at. He effortlessly defeats top-ranked Hunters with minimal effort. Chrollo’s ability to steal others’ Nen abilities makes him incredibly versatile, owning thousands of skills to utilize when needed.

7. Hisoka – The Mysterious Clown:

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Similar to Chrollo, Hisoka is a top fan-favorite, possessing a power that leans towards brutality, instilling fear in those who face him. Hisoka’s sinister grin, combined with his merciless actions, defines his strength and reputation. While he may not have the speed or aura of others on this list, Hisoka compensates with quick thinking, tactics, and a fast and lethal fighting style.

8. Zodiacs – Hunters of the Zodiac:

If the Zodiacs were running for President of the United States, which would  you vote for and what policies would they have? : r/HunterXHunter

Appearing later in the series with 12 members corresponding to the zodiac signs, the Zodiacs have yet to showcase their full capabilities. However, Ging, Gon’s father, possesses precognition, the ability to predict the future, a power that other Hunters find difficult to control or manipulate. Although the full extent of their abilities is not explored, the potential for individuals with such diverse skills within the Zodiacs makes them intriguing characters.

In conclusion, Hunter x Hunter’s diverse and powerful characters, with their unique abilities and stories, continue to captivate fans worldwide. As the series progresses, these characters’ strengths and roles unfold, adding depth and excitement to this exceptional manga.

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