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Spoiler One Punch Man chapter 245

Spoiler One Punch Man chapter 245: Flash, Sonic vs. Heavenly Ninja Party – One Scroll Man Returns!

Summary of One Punch Man chapter 244:

Spoiler One Punch Man 245: Flash, Sonic VS Thiên Nhẫn Hội - One Scroll Man  quay trở lại!


As promised, Flash confronts Sonic. After a few exchanges, Sonic seems to be at a slight disadvantage. Flash acknowledges that his current companion has improved significantly. While they are fighting, members of the Heavenly Ninja Party appear. Sonic and Flash team up to fight against the invading ninjas.

One Punch Man chapter 245 spoiler prediction:

Recently, it seems that “One Scroll Man” has returned. The chapters appear to be shorter, but the quality remains unchanged. The next chapter’s development is quite predictable: Sonic and Flash will fight together against the ninjas. They may showcase some impressive coordination in their attacks. It is likely that their respective memories will be interwoven into the battle.

In another development, Blast and Saitama go to deal with Void. They will encounter various opponents, but that won’t be a problem. As previously predicted, Blast will have the opportunity to observe Saitama and potentially learn something about his power (hopefully). If Saitama has any connection to GOD, Blast may also become aware of it.

Blast’s naming convention is similar to that of the ninja village. Could he have any connection to the village?

In the next chapter or possibly Chapter 246, Void will awaken. Blast and Saitama will be forced to fight against him. However, Blast will hold back as he wants to bring Void to the research facility. Void will undoubtedly resist fiercely.

Spoiler One Punch Man chapter 245:

Sonic vs Flashy Flash | One Punch Man - YouTube


This chapter features a special Christmas-themed color page with Saitama as Santa Claus and Tatsumaki as… Mrs. Claus.

To kick off the meeting, the ninja group gives Wind and Flame the opportunity to attack first. While they hesitate, Flash tells Sonic that they should lure the enemies in all at once. Since their cooperation during their training in the village was terrible, if they all charge together, it will expose their weaknesses, and Flash and Sonic can easily defeat them.

Flash and Sonic begin to move. Immediately, a group surrounds Sonic. Meanwhile, Flame and Wind use their special skills to surround Flash. Oh boy, what a mistake. Flash evades one attack and quickly restrains both ninjas. He swiftly assists Sonic as well.

When they cooperate, they become nearly invincible. The ninjas, who lack coordination, are unable to get close.

When the ninjas stop their charge, Flash starts explaining. If successful, the association will find a way to turn Void back into a human. The ninjas seem to be unaware of this. After that, what happens… is unknown because this chapter is only that much.

One Punch Man 245 spoilers will be updated as soon as possible. Release date of One Punch Man 245:
According to the schedule, One Punch Man chapter 245 is expected to be released around December 14th. The information and predicted spoilers will be updated as soon as possible.

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