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Spoiler One Piece 1102

Spoiler One Piece 1102: Bonney Learning to Become a Pirate – One Piece Anime Update!

One Piece 1101 Summary:

Flashback continues. Twelve years ago, the Revolutionary Army stopped in the Goa Kingdom. Thanks to this, Kuma learned that Dragon had a child – and that child was none other than Luffy. Kuma saw Luffy, but then had to leave hastily due to the government’s orders.

During his time at sea, Kuma regularly wrote letters to Bonney. In Sorbet, Bonney behaved well, not revealing her abilities in front of the nurses. Shortly after, Kuma returned to Egghead for further surgery. This is when he encountered the clone of Stussy.

As time passed, Bonney’s 9th birthday arrived. Bonney had recovered from her illness, but Alpha still didn’t allow her to go outside. The letters from Kuma never reached her. After discovering that the nurses were agents, the people of Sorbet planned to help Bonney escape and find Kuma. While executing the plan, they were discovered by Alpha. At that moment, Bonney used her powers, transforming into Nika (as she imagined) and defeated her.

One Piece 1102 prediction:

Based on what has happened, it can be speculated that Bonney hasn’t truly found Kuma since setting sail. She gradually becomes a pirate, and some members of her crew might be Sorbet’s residents. While Bonney is at sea, Kuma’s surgical process also reaches its conclusion. In the next chapter, it is hoped that we will learn about Vegapunk’s exchange with Kuma. What they say to each other will likely explain why Kuma, once regaining consciousness, headed to Mary Geoise.

The flashback of Bonney and Kuma will likely conclude in the next chapter. Throughout her search for Kuma, Bonney had no knowledge of what her father went through and what he had to sacrifice to save her. Now that she knows, she will risk her life to confront Saturn instead of seeking revenge on Vegapunk. However, remember that before the flashback began, Saturn had the upper hand. Who will save Bonney? The best scenario would be… Kuma appearing unexpectedly. With his power, he will expel Saturn from Egghead. Kuma’s appearance would also allow Bonney to reunite with her father after many years of wandering. It would be a beautiful development, but we’ll have to wait and see if it happens.

As the flashback comes to an end, predictions about the situation at Egghead become more frequent. According to the narrator, what happens at Egghead is even more dreadful than Ohara. Will Egghead be eradicated? It’s highly possible. However, many fans speculate that the horrifying event is… Saturn being killed! What is your personal prediction? Leave a comment.

One Piece 1102 Spoiler:

Flashback continues. The timeline is set when the Luffy’s group has just defeated Arlong and is about to enter the Grand Line. At that time, Sabo noticed Dragon leaving for Logue Town and asked about it. In one scene, Smoker looks at Luffy’s wanted poster and prepares to capture him.

Meanwhile, Ace boasts to Jinbe about his younger brother. Kuma is also surprised to learn that Dragon’s child has become a pirate.

In another development, Bonney’s crew is learning how to become pirates. Bonney transforms into an adult form, as we already know, to avoid being discovered. She carefully wears an earring under her eye so that Kuma can recognize her when they meet.

UPDATE: The One Piece anime will be completely remade by WIT Studio. One Piece 1102 spoilers will be updated as soon as the latest reveals come out.

Release Date of One Piece 1102:

One Piece Chapter 1102 is scheduled to be released on December 25, 2023, in Japan. Spoiler information will be updated as soon as the latest leaks become available.

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