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Spoiler Black Clover Chapter 369

Spoiler Black Clover Chapter 369 Latest: United Front!

Spoiler for the latest Black Clover Chapter 369 reveals the most anticipated scene, where Lucius will be defeated by the unbeatable duo: Magna and Luck!

Finally, Black Clover Chapter 369 is back! After a long absence, our Black Bulls warriors continue their story. Let’s dive into the hot spoilers right below with Topreadmanga!

Latest Black Clover Chapter 369 Spoiler

Continuing from the previous chapter, the latest Chapter 369 of Black Clover depicts Asta, Ichika, and the Black Bulls arriving on the battlefield in the Clover Kingdom. Upon arrival, Ichika and Nacht come to assist Yami Sukehiro against Morgen. Meanwhile, Asta rescues Yuno from Lucius and collaborates to fight against their elder brother Zogratis. Chapter 369 of Black Clover is titled “Unified Front.” Asta and Yuno team up to battle Lucius Zogratis in a 2 vs. 2 fight. However, Lucius immediately shifts the advantage in his favor by summoning two more versions of himself.

Asta and Yuno are facing a horde of Lucius, and the town of Clover is being ravaged by 11 different versions of him. Lucius explains that despite Asta and the Black Bulls returning, he still has the upper hand. With dozens of angels at his disposal, 3 Paladins, and 11 versions of Lucius, it becomes challenging for Asta and Yuno to overcome him.

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The Chapter 369 Black Clover spoiler then reveals a flashback to events following Chapter 367 about the secrets of Forbidden Magic, where Asta shares a bit of “magic essence” with his teammates. When their magic combines with Asta’s, it creates a unique phenomenon – Forbidden Magic “illusion.”

Asta quickly names this phenomenon…”MAGIC FRIENDSHIP”! Upon hearing this, everyone is surprised by Asta’s humor and foolishness. Ichika reminds them that the Forbidden Magic’s energy is not limitless because the Black Bulls members don’t have infinite magic resistance like Asta. At most, each person can perform one or two counterattacks.

Upon hearing her opinion, Magna becomes curious about her presence and asks who she is. Asta then reveals that Ichika is the younger sister of Captain Yami Sukehiro. This shocks everyone as they were unaware of her existence. Finral thinks she’s cute, while Gauche expresses that Marie is very adorable. As for Nacht Faust, he is delighted to see someone interesting has arrived.

Returning to the battle, Luck begins fighting the angels. He uses his Ultimate Black Lightning Magic to defeat many adversaries. Luck reflects on his limitations and believes they can win the battle if they defeat the opponents before depleting his magic resistance.

Lucius witnesses Luck’s attack and immediately sees him as a threat. As Lucius focuses on Luck, Magna appears behind him, anticipating that Lucius’s immense mana will pose a threat to all of them.

Magna deploys Forbidden Magic: Soul Chain Duel, evenly distributing mana among them—Magna, Luck, and Lucius—making all three equally powerful.

Lucius realizes he’s at a disadvantage as his recovery ability cannot keep up with the damage he’s enduring. He tries to escape Magna and Luck’s area. He thinks that if Magna and Luck take away his mana, even their magic resistance will erode. This is when Lucius believes he will defeat this duo!

However, that is precisely why Magna turned the battle into a one-on-one match. Even as their magic resistance fades, both Magna and Luck simultaneously unleash half of their invincible strength.

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Then, the collaboration between Magna and Luck reaches its peak with the magic “Black Flame Black Thunder: Bursting Cannon!!!” This move surpasses Lucius’s duplicates and, at the same time, comes at the cost of losing all anti-magic. This attack erases Lucius’s duplicate, securing the first victory for the Black Bulls!

Asta and Yuno are now facing four Lucius. This means that there are still six Lucius duplicates that the Black Bulls need to defeat!

As for the remaining Paladins, they are being held off by Noelle, Mereoleona, Ichika, and Nacht. Therefore, the next chapter may witness other Black Bulls members fighting the remaining Lucius duplicates. Unfortunately, fans will have to wait quite a while for Black Clover Chapter 370 to be released, as Jump GIGA Spring 2024 is expected to be published around late April or early May 2024.

Release Date of Black Clover Chapter 369 According to the schedule, Black Clover Chapter 369 will be released to readers on the upcoming December 25th!

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