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Mangakalot manga Spoiler chapter 248 of One punch man

Spoiler chapter 248 of One punch man by Mangakalot manga. Release date and Where to read?

Summary of One Punch Man 247:

After defeating the Heavenly Executioner, Flash reveals the “truth” about the ninja village to everyone. Based on his investigation, the village is a place for experimenting and creating GOD’s assassins. Those who meet the qualifications are taken for “testing.” If they fail, they die. Those who don’t meet the qualifications are allowed to live under the pretense of “graduating” from the village.

Predicted spoilers for One Punch Man 248:

Void’s face… doesn’t quite resemble Blast’s memory. In him, he looks more like a zombie. This is likely due to the influence of GOD.

Void appears where Flash is, so what will the Blast group find at the base? It could be the failures of the experiments – or some members of the Heavenly Executioner. While they are occupied there, Sonic and Flash will have to fight Void.

Although they fight together, it is highly likely that Flash and Sonic will lose this battle. They may have to buy time until Blast returns. Overall, the upcoming chapters will mostly consist of intense action scenes with the “main characters” being Flash, Void, and Sonic.

In the past few weeks, due to several holidays, it seems that the story has been shortened quite a bit. Hopefully, the next chapters will be longer and provide us with more surprising information for discussion.

Spoiler for One Punch Man 248:

The One Punch Man 248 spoiler will be updated as soon as possible at here!

Release date for One Punch Man 248:

According to the plan, One Punch Man chapter 248 is scheduled to be released around February 8. The predicted spoiler information will be updated as soon as possible.

Where to read One punch man chapter 248?

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