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Let the Saintess Be Selfish – A Fantasy Manga Analysis

Main Characters and Plot

“Let the Saintess Be Selfish” follows the story of Lillia, a young girl who, at the age of sixteen, awakens to her Holy powers and becomes the Saintess. What sets Lillia apart is that she retains memories of being a Saintess in her previous life as well. Fueled by frustration from the mistreatment she endured in her past life and the strict rules of the Temple, she vows to live her new life as she pleases once again as the Saintess.

As the plot unfolds, Lillia crosses paths with two young men from her past life, drawn together through a series of peculiar events. Together, they begin to uncover the mysteries surrounding the role she holds as the Saintess. Amidst all these intertwining circumstances, a question lingers: Will Lillia achieve the freedom she dreams of and live her life on her own terms?

Read the full manga here

If you’re intrigued by the captivating storyline of “Let the Saintess Be Selfish,” you can read the full manga on our website. Follow the link provided above to immerse yourself in this fantasy world and discover the fate of Lillia as she navigates her newfound powers and seeks the freedom she desires.

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