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Koisuru Neko wa Naderaretai

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A popular cat-lover and a brave half-human-half-cat! The beginning of a love of many firsts! A 100% pure and heart-wringing one-sided love!

Kotetsu, a black cat, has a crush on Okazaki, a clerk at a pet shop, and he makes a wish to meet Okazaki. Just as he makes his wish, he was transformed into a human before he knew it! With his ears and tails tucked away, Kotetsu spent his days frequenting the pet shop when, suddenly, Okazaki strikes up a conversation with him…?!


Koisuru Neko wa Naderaretai, 恋する猫はなでられたい


Ecchi , Animals , Romance , Comedy , Shounen Ai , Slice of Life

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