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Naruto: Does Kakashi truly deserve the position of Hokage of the Leaf Village?

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Kakashi is not as weak as you may think.

Hatake Kakashi is one of the great shinobi, the mentor of Team 7, and later became the Hokage of the Leaf Village when Naruto was not ready. Known as the Copy Ninja, Kakashi knows thousands of different jutsu and can instantly learn a new jutsu just by observing it.

He is simply a genius, as he was able to join the Anbu at a very young age and quickly became the captain of Team Ro. However, since Kakashi officially became Hokage, many fans believe that his power does not match that of the previous leaders of the Leaf Village.

So today, ONE Esports will clarify whether Kakashi truly deserves the position of Hokage of the Leaf Village!

Kakashi’s strength:

All Hokage are powerful shinobi. They are all strong and possess unique abilities. However, that doesn’t mean that all Hokage are equally powerful. For example, Hashirama (the First) or Naruto later on, it seems that no other Hokage has been able to reach their level of power.

Therefore, Kakashi is always doubted in terms of his strength when standing alongside other predecessors. Especially since he lost his Sharingan, many fans even refuse to acknowledge the abilities of the White Fang’s son. Without a constant draining eye, Kakashi can fight for longer and utilize chakra better. Furthermore, he has the opportunity to develop many powerful jutsu to have a more diverse fighting capability.

In the battle against Kaguya, Kakashi’s power reached new heights, allowing him to briefly fight on par with the Rabbit Goddess. Kakashi may not be the strongest Kage, but he is certainly among the most skilled.

In the Boruto anime, despite being “retired,” Kakashi Hatake was able to fight Kashin Koji for a period of time. Moreover, Kakashi has a fairly calm and strategic fighting style. So, it’s not wrong to say that he gets “spicier with age.”

Leadership abilities:

Kakashi took over the Leaf Village immediately after the Fourth Great Ninja War ended. At that time, not only the Leaf Village but almost all other villages faced difficulties in recovering from the war. Therefore, the responsibility placed on him was immense.

However, Kakashi knew how to demonstrate his leadership skills during the time before passing on the title to a ready Naruto.

The time he remained in power was the most peaceful period among all the Hokage who led the village. Even his successor, Uzumaki Naruto, couldn’t maintain peace as threats like Otsutsuki and Kara began to attack soon after.

In the Fourth Great Ninja War, he commanded a large portion of the shinobi alliance, and his various strategies helped save countless lives. As the Sixth Hokage, Kakashi’s opinions were highly regarded by the Kage of other villages. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that he was the most influential figure in the world during his time as the Hokage of his village.

Kakashi is indeed a tactical master in Naruto:

Kakashi is one of the most intelligent characters in the Naruto world. In battles, he always stays one step ahead of his opponents. The Sixth Hokage is known as a master tactician. According to Naruto, his IQ is equal to or higher than Shikamaru’s.

Therefore, with these abilities, Kakashi becoming the Hokage of the Leaf Village is completely deserving. Not only does he possess great strength, strategic prowess, and unquestionable leadership skills, but Kakashi is also one of the world’s saviors, fighting against “Rabbit Goddess” Kaguya and assisting Naruto and Sasuke in defeating her.

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