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Isekai ni Ittara Bunretsu Shite Shimatta

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After an accident when he was a child, Masato began hearing the voices of four people. They are known as “imaginary friends,” and each of them has a different personality.

One day, while playing a video game with them, he is summoned to the world of the game, “Heroes of Entria,” as a hero. Due to this, Masato has been separated from his imaginary friends and starts his adventure.

He is soon reunited with Masaki, one of his imaginary friends, and the two decide to continue their journey to find their other friends and go back home.

“Heroes of the future, we must drive the Demon King and his minions out of Entria, before Entria is filled with black mana…” Kuron’s message appeared before them. In it, it was written that Masato, a hero of the future generation, must save Entria.

The two divided friends have become undivided once again! A new sense of otherworldly fantasy begins! 


異世界に行ったら分裂してしまった, 이세계에 갔더니 분열해버렸습니다


Action,  Drama,  Fantasy,  Shounen 

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