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Is Deku the Last One to Inherit One For All?

My Hero Academia: Is Deku the Last One to Inherit One For All?

As the My Hero Academia manga reaches its conclusion, the question arises: will Deku find a successor for One For All, or will he be the ultimate wielder of this extraordinary power?

Based on what meFans have witnessed in the My Hero Academia manga, the story is heading towards the final battle between Deku and All For One/Shigaraki. However, what happens after this decisive battle? Will Deku find a successor for One For All, or will he be the last one to possess this extraordinary power? Let’s explore the seemingly straightforward yet intriguing answer with Topreadmanga.

Every user of One for All and their quirks up to My Hero Academia chapter  339

Topreadmanga predicts that Deku will become the final user of One For All, and the power will not be passed on to anyone else. Specifically, it will conclude with the main character of My Hero Academia, Midoriya Izuku.

Recent developments in the manga have hinted that the author suggests Midoriya might be the last user of One For All. After the battle with All For One/Tomura Shigaraki, Deku’s utilization of One For All has improved significantly. Not only is the power stronger, but Deku can now continuously use various Quirks. However, this enhancement has affected the previous users of One For All.

Why do the experiences of previous One For All users relate to the possibility of Deku being the last user?

In chapter 131 of My Hero Academia, the former users explain to Deku that the power of One For All has changed considerably since they last used it. Furthermore, we learn that the users of One For All before All Might all had unique traits before inheriting the power. This implies that a person’s body is not inherently designed to contain multiple Quirks simultaneously.

This suggests that both Deku and All Might are well-suited to possess One For All since neither of them originally had their own Quirks. Now, with Deku realizing that all the other Quirks have been activated to a considerable extent, it won’t be easy to transfer One For All to another person, unless that person also lacks a Quirk like him.

If Deku were to pass on One For All recklessly, the recipient would share the fate of the fourth user, leaving at a very young age. Given Deku’s empathy, this outcome seems unlikely. In summary, Topreadmanga believes that Deku fully understands the danger when someone takes on One For All, so he won’t pass it on to anyone. However, whether this aligns with the author’s intentions for the story remains to be seen. Fans will have to follow Topreadmanga to discover the answer as My Hero Academia continues to unfold.

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