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Hunter x Hunter: Hisoka

Hisoka from Hunter x Hunter: The Most Unique and Distinctive Personality

Hunter X Hunter: Hisoka Morow (ESTP) - Practical Typing

There are eccentric, peculiar, whimsical, twisted, and even perverted individuals like Hisoka.

You might not know, but I’ve delved into numerous videos about Hisoka on YouTube, and everyone claims he’s gay, a pedophile, a pervert, insane, etc. Then they conclude with statements like, “But he’s cool. Oh my, I really like Hisoka,” or “I know, but I still like Hisoka, can’t help it.”

A character that makes every character, from main to supporting, in HxH wary and uneasy, yet manages to attract a diverse fanbase, both male and female, in real life, is none other than Hisoka Morow.

Talking about his madness, flamboyance, and fascinating traits could go on endlessly.

1. Regarding his appearance:

Hisoka might not have the silk clothes like Killua (I don’t know why Togashi adores Killua so much, always dressing him in new outfits), but when it comes to grooming, he’s unrivaled. His heavily made-up face, with extravagant designs drawn with makeup and water, even adding dangling earrings in the Election arc, all meet the standard K-pop star look. His hair, styled with gel, stands upright, and whatever acrobatics he engages in, there’s always a signature style, proving he uses a lot of gel, and apparently, it’s a good one. His outfits are snug around the waist, revealing a perfect hourglass figure. His shirts are often sleeveless or short-sleeved, exposing his well-defined biceps. I noticed that Hisoka’s dressing style is quite similar to Illumi’s, as if they’ve been shopping together. Seeing Hisoka appear is genuinely intriguing, a mix of chilling and captivating. But sometimes, it can be a bit overwhelming because he seems overly theatrical. One of the funniest scenes for me is when Hisoka cast his vote for the Hunter Association chairman. His stance, whether in the manga or the anime, is extraordinarily amusing.

Even his way of speaking, full of mockery and provocation, sounds stylish. The voice actor (Japanese version) perfectly captures this.

2. Hisoka’s gender:

Whether Hisoka is gay or straight, a perverted pedophile, or just fascinated by strong individuals is a controversial topic in many YouTube videos about him. I cannot definitively state Hisoka’s inclinations, but he does have numerous moments that are three dots, making viewers exclaim, “That’s definitely Hisoka.”

  • His interest in nurturing fresh and powerful talents for his “feast” later is evident. The notable green fruits in his collection include Gon, Killua, and later, Kalluto – Kil’s little brother who is only 10 years old.

  • A particularly epic moment: Getting excited while fighting with young Gon in the aerial arena. He even moans Gon’s name in his thoughts when the kid punches him. The funniest part is a video clip of their fight that has over 5.7 million views on YouTube. I was there too (well, contributing to the views). Later, when facing off against the leader of the Phantom Troupe, Chrollo Lucifer, Hisoka’s excitement continues. – Upon meeting Kalluto, he immediately senses the “appetizing” quality in him. I know Hisoka is referring to the potential power of the boy, but using the term “appetizing” for a child is still very three dots.

  • Asking Illumi directly if he has the right to “have fun” with Killua, the face, the voice, and the hand gestures all contribute to making Illumi turn into a long-haired witch from The Rings. I don’t know about you, but when I hear others explain Hisoka’s words and gestures and the reason why Illumi gets angry, I also get a bit tongue-tied with this clown.

3. Although Hisoka seems to target many characters, I think the one he “cherishes” the most is Gon.

Character Arcs: Gon Freecss, the Shonen Antihero – Starting Life From Zero

Even Killua recognizes it. When the two kids, unfortunate enough to be captured by the Phantom Troupe, discover that Hisoka is also in the group, Killua thinks, “Hisoka really likes Gon, so we should be fine.” And bingo, the two kids are indeed fine. Hisoka’s green fruit, anyone who wants to pluck it must step over Hisoka’s corpse (parodying Gin’s quote from Gintama: “My flower, if you want to pluck it, you have to step over my corpse”).

4. A classic trolling moment between Hisoka and Gon is during their fight in the aerial arena.

Hisoka knows Gon has an enhancement ability and introduces himself as a transmuter. Then he delivers a speech about how these two opposing categories can be attracted to each other, “Perhaps we can be intimate with each other.” I genuinely believed that if Hisoka were a character in real life, he wouldn’t just attract women but men as well. Indeed, a boneless tongue can speak any path, smoothly “courting” everyone. Brothers and sisters, quickly learn from Hisoka.

5. Despite roaming everywhere licking his lips and flirting with young boys, Hisoka doesn’t forget to seduce women, specifically Machi.

It can be said that he epitomizes the “old doesn’t get thrown away, small doesn’t get spared” type, enjoying anyone, regardless of gender, as long as they match his taste. While for others, Hisoka might only be interested in their strength for the sake of a thrilling fight, it’s not the case with Machi. About four years ago, when I first watched HxH, I actually shipped Hisoka with Machi. I don’t know why, but seeing these two together was very interesting. Hisoka still had his playful demeanor, his voice like melting candy or dripping syrup, while Machi maintained a cold, “I’m done here” attitude. The funniest part is that no matter how Hisoka flirts, Machi doesn’t care, not impressed at all. I think this wasn’t the first time Hisoka tried to hit on Machi; she seemed quite accustomed to his playful approach.

In the 2011 anime, Hisoka only invites her to dinner, while in the manga, he directly asks if she wants to spend the night with him. Looking at these two in the 1999 anime, who wouldn’t want to ship them? Oh, but it seems like Hisoka also enjoys being teased by Machi. When he inquired about what she would do if he accidentally killed the Spider leader Chrollo, and she replied that she would hunt him down to the ends of the earth, his face showed a lot of interest. To say “That’s great.” I also don’t want to understand what Hisoka is thinking.

By the way, he really has an eye for beauty. Machi can be considered one of the most beautiful women in HxH.

6. Relationship with Illumi Zoldyck:

Hunter x Hunter: The Theory Behind Hisoillu, Hisoka & Illumi's Relationship

Illumi once stated that he and Hisoka have a give-and-take relationship, devoid of any emotional debts, and they are ready to kill each other at any moment. On the surface, there’s nothing surprising about their peculiar relationship, as both of them are equally unconventional. However, sometimes I am curious about how they met and formed such a bizarre bond. I almost want Togashi to write a spinoff about the two.

Illumi is part of Hisoka’s collection of toys. Hisoka seems to enjoy teasing the eldest Zoldyck sibling (which is not surprising since Hisoka tends to be playful and teasing with everyone he talks to). As for Illumi, I don’t know what he thinks about Hisoka (thanks to his overly “expressive” face). However, when participating in the Hunter Exam, seeing Illumi sending messages, checking in, reminding, and engaging in various conversations with Hisoka, I can’t help but think that he, to some extent, cares about the clown. It seems like he’s not completely indifferent but rather acknowledges Hisoka’s presence in his own way. Moreover, it appears that Illumi doesn’t want to engage in a fight with Hisoka. Nevertheless, it’s undeniable that despite outwardly assisting each other, there is a considerable amount of calculation and mutual distrust between them.

7. In reality, Hisoka isn’t always the ultimate villain

Sometimes, he plays the role of a good person, joining the protagonists to help Gon and Kurapika’s group. Hisoka intimidates everyone but also comes to their rescue in many tricky and dangerous situations, especially in the Phantom Troupe arc. So, completely hating this clown is challenging.

8. Hisoka possesses an insatiable passion for strong individuals.

He holds no aversion to anyone, disregards the opponent’s strength, and is indifferent to whether he has a chance of winning or not. To him, strength, defined by his own standards and parameters, is the ultimate play. However, Hisoka maintains a fair approach. While others may see highly potential and formidable youngsters like Gon or Killua as potential threats to be eliminated early, Hisoka does not. He patiently waits for these young ones to mature, like ripening fruits on a branch, even going as far as stepping in to protect them. He anticipates the day when they grow into their fullest, all-encompassing strength for a face-off with him. In summary: Despite being a character who alternates between antagonist and protagonist roles, I know many fans would be disappointed, and some might even stop watching HxH if Togashi allows Hisoka to ascend to divinity. But honestly, for an antagonist character generally considered “evil” like Hisoka, especially in a shounen manga heavily driven by the motif of good triumphing over evil, he only has two choices: either undergo a redemption arc or bid farewell to the mortal realm. That’s it.

Anyway, Hisoka remains an incredibly interesting and fan-favorite character. Togashi, please make sure he stays alive for at least another 10 chapters from the latest one so that fans have something to look forward to.

9. Hisoka’s Strength and Intelligence

Another extremely important factor, albeit sometimes subtle in the manga, is that characters who are powerful, both mentally and physically, exert an extraordinary allure, regardless of whether they are good or evil. Sometimes, they garner even more fans than the protagonists. Hisoka truly embodies strength—immensely strong. Rumor has it that since his resurrection in a zombie body, he has become even more formidable and unpredictable. Fans of HunterxHunter in general, and Hisoka enthusiasts in particular, always eagerly await the day when he engages in a showdown with one character or another. They are as enthusiastic as Hisoka himself.

10. Well, it’s undeniable

Hisoka is incredibly handsome. Fresh out of the shower, with his hair tousled and no makeup, he looks genuinely captivating. Even male fans watching HxH have to nod in agreement that Hisoka looks undeniably sexy.

In summary:

Despite being a character with shades of villainy, sometimes hidden, sometimes revealed, I know many people would feel saddened, perhaps even considering abandoning watching HxH if Hisoka were to meet an untimely demise. However, truth be told, for a generally malevolent character like Hisoka, especially in a shonen manga with a prevailing trope of good triumphing over evil in the end, he only has two options: either undergo a redemption arc or bid farewell to the mortal realm. That’s it.

Nevertheless, regardless of the outcome, Hisoka remains an incredibly intriguing and fan-attracting character. Chú Tô, remember to let him live for at least another 10 chapters from the latest one, so the fans have something to look forward to.

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