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Fruits basket prelude

Is the Fruits basket prelude worth watching?

Fruits Basket is a popular manga that has been adapted into an anime. The final season of the “Fruits Basket” anime premiered in the spring of 2021, comprising a total of 13 episodes. The last season even surpassed “Attack on Titan” in rankings throughout its airing. Here are some impressions from Topreadmanga about Fruits Basket Prelude. Note: These are personal impressions, so you should watch and judge for yourself whether Fruits Basket Prelude lives up to its achievements!

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This movie really touched my emotions. Anything related to the Fruits Basket series tends to evoke that response in me. Although I wouldn’t say it justified a trip to the theaters entirely, I’m grateful that I did. I even received a cool mini manga along with my ticket!

Fruits Basket – Prelude – is quite straightforward. It narrates the story of Tohru Honda’s parents, Kyoko and Katsuya Honda, with a hint of Tohru and her future husband. For those who have read the entire manga, the trajectory of Kyoko and Katsuya is already familiar. The execution of their story is remarkably satisfying. However, I’d advise fans to manage their expectations regarding the ‘newness’ of the material.

Having recently binge-watched the final season about a week prior, I expected to be fully prepared for the new film. Surprisingly, that wasn’t necessary. The film kicks off with around fifteen minutes of recycled footage from previous anime seasons. This serves mainly to establish connections between Tohru, her parents, and their relationships, including a glimpse of how her eventual husband fits into the picture.

Although an understandable strategy to extend the duration of an already concise movie, it wasn’t a bad choice, especially given its seamless integration into the final sequence. Fruits Basket – Prelude – has a total runtime of only eighty minutes. Upon reflection, I hadn’t realized that the anime had omitted Kyoko and Katsuya’s relationship dynamics, aside from essential details. This decision, in my opinion, was intelligent, maintaining the linear and cohesive narrative of the Fruits Basket anime while allocating the necessary runtime in a film format.

The animation quality was consistent, matching the standards set by the preceding season. There were a couple of scenes where I felt the eye spacing was a bit off, but it didn’t detract from the overall film experience. The only mildly bothersome aspect was the CGI seagulls. While not detrimental to the film, their conspicuous nature made it apparent that they didn’t quite blend with the designs and animations of the Zodiac animals.

Fruits Basket – Prelude – succeeded in bringing tears to my eyes twice. It resonated emotionally just as much as the original, and Kyoko’s story, particularly in relation to other characters, is genuinely compelling. The film also prompted me to contemplate my own ways of expressing grief, and when a film can evoke such introspection, I consider it truly special.

In conclusion, the film serves as an excellent homage to the story of Kyoko and Katsuya. For devoted fans like myself, it is undeniably worth the watch.

Have you watched Fruits Basket Prelude yet? If you have, please let Topreadmanga know your thoughts. If you haven’t watched it yet, then watch it and come back to this post!

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