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Firefly Wedding

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It is currently the Meiji era. Blessed with both heritage and beauty, Satoko’s one wish is to marry for the good of the family. But suddenly, a mysterious assassin comes for her life. In order to make it out of there alive, Satoko makes the assassin a “proposal”. The daughter of an upstanding family, and an assassin. Romantic suspense about the contract marriage between two who should never have crossed paths.


Firefly Marriage, Firefly Wedding, Đám cưới của đom đóm, Весілля світлячків, जुनकिरी को विवाह, ホタルの嫁入り, 萤火虫之婚, 螢火蟲之婚


Drama,  Historical,  Mature,  Psychological,  Romance,  Shoujo 

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