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Falling In Love With Disgrace

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Despite being born into a noble family, Claudia faced severe adversity. She was confined to a shed and taunted as a “Demon Child” because her eyes were two different colors. In an effort to secure her a chance at becoming the Crown Princess, her father devised a scheme. Claudia remained determined to prove her worth through the demanding training. However, her dreams are shattered when the Crown Prince abruptly cancels their engagement to marry the new incarnation of the “Maiden Light,” the legendary figure that once saved the world. Prince Arwin, derisively mocking Claudia, almost drives her to take her own life. At that moment, Claudia is saved by the mysterious Margrave Graham, who not only asks for her hand in marriage but also brings her to his castle. However, as night falls, Graham’s dreadful curse begins to manifest… “Did she see me in such a disgusting state..?!” This marks the beginning of an ill-fated noblewoman and the cursed aristocrat’s Cinderella story!


The Abandoned Young Lady Is Doted Upon by the Demon King, 捨てられた令嬢は魔王様に溺愛される


Fantasy,  Romance 

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