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The Highly Anticipated Return: Black Butler Anime Set to Premiere in 2024 after a 6-Year Wait

Prepare yourselves, anime enthusiasts! The long-awaited return of the phenomenal Black Butler anime has finally been confirmed for a 2024 release. This exciting news was officially announced today by the renowned author and mangaka, Yana Toboso.

Black Butler anime will return with a new season in 2024 - Dexerto

The official Twitter account of Black Butler Japan, @kuroshitsuji2, also shared the thrilling announcement along with a sneak peek into what the upcoming series has in store.

The last installment in the Black Butler anime series, “Book of the Atlantic,” was released in 2017 as an OVA (Original Video Animation). Prior to that, “Book of Murder,” another OVA, graced screens in 2015.

Now, after a six-year hiatus, the beloved series is making a triumphant return to the screen, brought to life by the esteemed animation studio CloverWorks.

Sebastian and Ciel’s adventures in Black Butler are set to continue in 2024.

Key Highlights:

  • Maaya Sakamoto will reprise her role as Ciel Phantomhive, accompanied by Daisuke Ono, who will once again voice Sebastian Michaelis.

  • The new director for the series is Kenjirou Okada, renowned for his work on the series “March Comes In like a Lion.” Ryo Kawasaki will be responsible for the musical score, having previously contributed to projects like “Fate/Grand Order -First Order-” and the Netflix series “Romantic Killer.”


The original Black Butler anime, produced by A-1 Pictures, made its debut in 2008, consisting of a total of 24 episodes. The second season, “Black Butler 2,” continued the main storyline and aired in 2010 with 12 episodes.

The series further expanded with 10 episodes of “Book of Circus” in 2014, earning a commendable score of 8.07 on MyAnimeList at the time of writing. This was followed by the OVA “Book of Murder” in 2015 and “Book of the Atlantic” in 2017. Yana Toboso’s manga, both illustrated and written by Toboso, has been ongoing since 2006, published in Square Enix’s renowned Monthly GFantasy magazine. With 32 volumes at the time of writing, the manga has surpassed its animated counterpart.

Setting and Plot:

Set in Victorian-era England, Black Butler follows the journey of Ciel Phantomhive. After the tragic death of his parents, Ciel forms a pact with a demon named Sebastian Michaelis to avenge their murders.

Sebastian, disguised as the loyal butler of the Phantomhive household, possesses supernatural demonic powers. The story weaves together elements of mystery, the supernatural, comedy, and drama, exploring themes of loyalty, morality, and humanity.

In conclusion, the return of Black Butler in 2024 is a momentous occasion for fans worldwide. The convergence of a captivating narrative, skilled animation, and a stellar cast promises an anime experience that transcends expectations. Join us in the Topreadmanga community to discuss these intriguing stories and more!

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